A favourite book: Bridge to Terebithia, by Katherine Patterson -and that class.

Today, bridges have been on my mind.
There are three things I do, first thing every morning. The kettle on. The iMac on and the other thing.
One of the first things I read, on Redbubble, this morning, was a a report on seeing the filmed version of Bridge to Terebithia.
That set my theme for the day. I went to comment on the journal entry and then wondered whether there was a Bridges group.
At the last school where I spent roughly the last third of my 37 years, as a primary teacher, I chose the Bridge to Terebithia, to read to this class. (Most of whom will now be a year or two away from turning 30!)
I chose it (It was recommended to me, …..), as being just right for these 18 girls and 7 boys (1 not in the photo), in Year Six, to listen to and to discuss, where it was useful.
Now, in hindsight, I associate that class, with that book. (I read it again to others, as well.)
And, I particularly remember, walking outside, to lunch, being asked by one of the girls, if the most dramatic event in the book, had really happened – in the book.
Oh well. I had Alleen Op De Wereld (Alone in the World. – Sans Famille) read to me when I was much younger.
I so much enjoyed ‘sharing’ that book, with that class. The reading was mainly done, sitting just beyond the fence, of the playground, on the bushy slope, behind the school, hopefully, setting the scene a little, that way, even though this was southern Sydney and not the U.S.A..
I’m sure that they discussed the book again, in secondary school, with their English teacher(s) because, it was said to me, once or twice that Year 8 was more suitable.
But, I hope, that this class enjoyed it.
I did.

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