More of Remi- based on G. van Raemdonck's illustrations.

Today, at Hazelhurst, I worked, again, for a few hours, on another painting in this series, based on the illustrations, by G. van Raemdonck, in the 1940 edition of the Dutch version of Hector Malot’s Sans Famille, Alleen Op De Wereld.
For my generation, of children, growing up in the Netherlands, just after World War II, think of this book being as popular as, say, Treasure Island, was for English-reading children.

At home, I copied the illustration, using charcoal, on canvas. Regretted, straight-away, not planning a triangle, in the left-hand corner, to draw a larger figure – but continued.

Took the painting to the D.A.C.C., where it was my turn, on Sunday to look after visitors and worked some more. (Not many visitors.)

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