Ready to be painted.

Time to get some new paintings ready, to do in my series, based on the illustrations of G. van Raemdonck, in the 1940 edition, Dutch version of Sans Famille, by Hector Malot.

I’m taking someone else’s place, looking after the D.A.C.C. (Dutch Australian Cultural Centre) this Sunday. So I need to have something to do while waiting for visitors to find that section of the building, behind the Dutch shop.

I’ll be taking my paintings to the D.A.C.C., again.

I thought that, if I attended an art class, I’d get used to painting in a background first and then painting the shapes, rather than drawing and colouring – in but, apparently, it’s hard to teach an old dog, like me.

I do like drawing with charcoal.

I’ll also take some more books, to leave behind at the OBCZ (Official Book Crossing Zone), which I set up some time ago, outside the door of the D.A.C.C., to give books wings.

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