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Neil Armstrong was not the first.

Neil was not the first to take that giant leap. Once in a blue moon others had arrived. Like this couple!!

They found it very cold there. They longed for their cup of (van Nelle) coffee! It was always winter, on the moon.

But even they were not the first! They turned a corner and there they met up with The Man in the Moon!

He was not very content. He’d been minding the place for a hundred years and, he too, was so longing for that cup of coffee!

This book, (a little worse for wear) about the magic sea shell, found, on the beach, that took them to the moon, was one of four well-loved books that migrated with me, to Australia, from the Netherlands, in 1956.
It was the second in a series, put out by a coffee producing company. You bought the book, without the pictures. As your parents bought the coffee, they received the pictures, for pasting in.
Recently, two Dutch, regular visitors were here, in Sydney. As we walked back to our cars, from the beach, we broke into the first few verses from the first edition. (In het land der blonde duinen en niet heel ver van de zee_…..)
I guarantee that very many dutch people, my age will be able to recite that – from memory!
(_Based on a Russian folktale about a greedy wife, who wanted more and more – eventually, to be God.

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