Smoky put the sweat on me.

Yes. I still am a Kris Kristofferson fan and yes, next week I shall visit and assess Smoky Beach North and Smoky Beach South. They’re north and south of Smoky Cape, mid-north cost, New South Wales and yes, the weatherman often talks about the predictions north and south of Smoky Cape.
Our chemist gave us a calendar this year with a beautiful picture of the lighthouse on top of the hill, taken from Smoky Beach North…… I’ve been there before!

I have assessed these beaches (We used to say judged these beaches two years ago.
On the day that I was taken around to view these beaches, my guide and I agreed that there was no need to go down to Smoky Beach North, we could see it from above.
But, when I was finished inspecting the beaches, on my way home to Sydney, I left Nambucca very early in the morning and of course, I wanted to have a closer look.
After all, owning no swimming costume any more was no problem there.



The Keep Australia Beautiful organisation and the Clean Beach Challenge competition, in no way promotes legal nude bathing on our beaches.
My experience as an assessor is used because of my love for that particular environment and my skills (developed through 37 years of report writing), among others, which help to provide the committee with enough information on which to base the granting of the awards, in the Clean Beach Challenge.

more to come!

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