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Hey looky here … remember this guy? … he’s all dressed up and no place to go … well unless he has some help … put on way too many pounds since ya last saw him wouldn’t ya think? ..

what? what? oh you say Princess Leia strangled him using those chains? … well what you don’t know is that, sure he died alright, but .. get this … pieces of his blubber survived the explosion and drifted though space for quite some time until this entity found it and using magick ..

ok ok highly advanced technological techniques … he brought the blubber boy back to life .. he cloned him .. ya it’s not the same Jabba though physically he’s got the same DNA.. but mentally .. well let’s just say his past life was wiped clean …

also heard that he still has a penchant for overdoing the good life … his rescuer took a liking to him and decided to relocate him to a new home .. all creature comforts taken care of for life …

so where’s that you ask? .. chuckle … he’s now living in luxury in a holographic zoo on some planet in a faraway galaxy .. seems the poor bugger has no clue .. best perhaps for all, yes?…

so how do I know this? .. come closer .. don’t want everyone to know … you see I met this trader ….whisper whisper whisper …………

Work done in Sterling2. Best viewed large.

SF 09 0008 090215 12


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so who am I?
I’m owlspook
Queen of the Night Sky
Sorceress of the Western Fog
Lowly Poet
Weaver of Worlds

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  • tkrosevear
    tkrosevearover 5 years ago

    Beautiful creation, good to see you sis ;) xoxox

  • thanks sis (big smile) … sorry haven’t been around … new software and then a nasty cold .. getting better but still have it (sigh) …

    – owlspook

  • Cheyenne
    Cheyenneover 5 years ago

    OOooh So beautiful!! :) :) :)

  • (big smile) thanks Cheyenne … bejeweled as he is ya he sure does look a lot nicer than the first time around (big grin) seems his cloner twiddled a bit with what was left … bugger’s probably happier too (big grin)

    – owlspook

  • jennyfnf
    jennyfnfover 5 years ago

    Great stuff Owl! I particularly like very much the talons at either side. He is not one for letting go easily!
    I wish whoever fits the words on the page would move them over a bit. It is the same on a lot of other’s work too.
    How are you Owl? I’ve been absent for too long.

  • (big smile) .. thanks jenny (smile) … ah the talons, eh … guess his cloner didn’t diddle with his greedy genes at all … like I’ve been told he’s still an over doer (big grin) ….

    as for the fit problem of yours?? I don’t have it … wish I could help but wouldn’t know where to start .. sorry …

    been mostly ok … been away a bit myself .. new software and now a nasty cold .. getting better but yuck .. trying to keep a sense of humor .. used a box and a half of tissues for my nose in one day! that’s a record (big grin) … good to see you back jenny (big smile)

    – owlspook

  • mimulux
    mimuluxover 5 years ago

    oh wow owl :)))))) this is AWESOME work :)))))) love it.. instant fav :))

  • thanks mim (beaming smile) … ooo so pleased you are a liking it (big big smile) … Sterling2 is such a fantastic free piece of fractal software .. so much to find in it .. lots of fun (smile) …

    – owlspook

  • Chele Willow
    Chele Willowover 5 years ago

    Haha!! PERFECT!!!! So Perfect! I’m lovin’ your work Owl! Just lovin’ your work!

  • (flapping her wings and hopping for happy) thanks Chele!! (big big smile) …

    – owlspook

  • CanDuCreations
    CanDuCreationsover 5 years ago

    Awesome work

  • ooo pleased you like it Thea (big smile) …

    – owlspook

  • Cheyenne
    Cheyenneover 5 years ago

    :) :) Welcome :) :) He probably is

  • (smile)

    – owlspook

  • helene
    heleneover 5 years ago

    A beauty owl :o)

  • twasn’t my work sweetie .. twas that cloner entity that remade the blubber boy beautiful (big silly grin) .. thank you Helene (big smile) such wonders one can find in fractal land (big smile)

    – owlspook

  • zooreka
    zoorekaover 5 years ago

    Lovely piece Owl….

  • was hoping you’d see this one … happy you like it … thank you zoo (big smile) … when I posted him here the story just flowed easily .. happens sometimes ..

    – owlspook

  • zooreka
    zoorekaover 5 years ago

    I uploaded a photo last week called Jabba – I think he looks like the real deal! :)

    I love strong Sterling and Tierazon Pieces and this is definitely one of them! :)

  • you did! yow . synchronicity! (big smile) .. will have to check it out!!

    ok couldn’t wait so tried to find it .. wanna give me the link to it please (smile)

    thank you (smile) … just curious .. how do you define ‘strong’?

    – owlspook

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