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so who am I? / I’m owlspook / Queen of the Night Sky / Sorceress of the Western Fog / Lowly Poet / and / Weaver of Worlds


Fractals Featured and a SALE!!!

WhoooEEEE … I am so very pleased and ticked that you all enjoy my work! all your encouragemnt and kind words keep me going (big smile)

from Art in Math

Spiral Staircase

Inside My Balloon

from Music Inspired Art M.I.A.

Vibrations Shawl

from A Fractal Energy Passion

Pasja Shawl

Rainbow Nudibranchia

Vibrations Shawl

and also from A Fractal Energy Passion
featured as the *Years Best of 2008"

Deep Water Green

Crescent Moon

Vibrations Shawl

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST (smile) I want to thank whomever purchased my Marble My World – tshirt Thank you so very much .. you made my day! (big smile) and I hope you are enjoying it (big smile)

Marble My World – tshirt


thousand pardons and a blizzard

a thousand pardons for not being around this past weekend … a blizzard came our way and I spent the time putting plastic and blankets on all the windows … not much snow but whiteout conditions and wind chill temperatures went down into the basement ..…

this is from NOAA’s weather warning a few minutes ago


now notice they say from 30 to 50 degrees BELOW zero!! and they further warn


and I have to leave the house today and go to work … don’t worry though … this

SUMO Online Graphic App ... FREE

was just visiting my ol’ friends at a forum and one of my friends told me about Sumo Paint

‘…SUMO Paint is up-front about its similarities to a certain Adobe-made editor, giving you a floating toolbox, side-stacked palette and color bars, and menus with familiar options. If you’re without your favorite desktop editor and in need of photo-tweaking power, SUMO can load images from uploads, URLs, and do its own in-browser copy and paste. SUMO Paint is free to use, no sign-up required.’

I checked it out and oh my cool .. just wanted to pass this along to anyone who just might be interested (smile) … for me it’s another toy (big grin)

Help! Would this make a good T-shirt?

I was playing around in MBF and came up with this fractal design that I thought was just different enough that it could make an interesting T-shirt

BUT …. I’d sure love your honest opinion and constructive criticism … if you don’t like it for some reason I want to hear why and conversely if you like it .. tell me why ….your honestly would be very much appreciated (big smile)

and as usual well perhaps since it’s way past my sleeptime I’m having a hard time coming up with a title … any ideas would also be appreciated (big smile)

Features ... Thank You! (smile)

I want to thank the moderators of Art in Math, The Patchwork, A Fractal Energy Passion and Abstract Digital Art and Writing for featuring my work in the last two weeks …….. thank you so very much and I am very pleased that you think my work is worth being featured (big smile)

from Art in Math

The Yuletide Shawl

The Dance of the Bee Shawl

from A Fractal Energy Passion

The Last Flower of Summer Shawl

Crescent Moon

from Abstract Digital Art and Writing

In the Kingdom of the Butterfly

from The Patchwork

The Solstice Star Shawl

What is Art?

I got online this morning and did a little reading in my favorite blogs and started checking new comments on my work and saw that one of the comments was from a person I didn’t know, Dennis Penny so I checked out his gallery and started commenting on one of his pieces, Through the Day .. and before I knew I was babbling on … then I decided to instead post what I wrote as a journal entry so all my interested friends could easily find it … so here it is … for what it’s worth (smile)…

What is Art?

so many fractalists are UF gungho … I haven’t taken the plunge yet (cost prohibitive right now) regardless I think there is still a lot to be found in fractaland using the older programs and I’m not on a mad dash to follow the crowd … I consider the old programs a little like highway 66 .. the backr

Featured Fractal! (smile)

It’s been one of those weeks … been sick with a cold and haven’t done much work … just hung out here at RB (grin) … this morning I had a surprise .. one of my older works Exhuberance to which I added a little bit of poetry and some music to was featured over at Music Inspired Art !!

thanks to blamo , tkrosevear and Paul Stephen Dixon the hardworking moderators of M.I.A. … I am so pleased that they enjoy my work … thank you for your encouragement (big smile) … hope you enjoy it too (big smile)


Note Card Sales!!! WooooEEEEE!!

Oh my Oh my What a surprise I just had! I just found out some very nice person (whomever you are) purchased FIVE note cards!!! THANK YOU oh so much .. what a wonderful way to start the day especially when every penny counts around the ol’ homestead …. AND I am so so very happy that they enjoy my work (big beaming smile) that I think I just could do cartwheels in the sky!! (big grin) ….…

Out the Door to the Woodshed

and sigh I’m so remiss a RB’er did purchase one seascape notecard from me a few months ago and I haven’t thanked them yet …. so now is the time to do so THANK YOU martap (big smile) …. I just wish I would have had a better camera when I took the ocean shots so you could have enjoyed them as prints like you wished .. maybe someday I’ll get back to the coast of Oregon (smile)


Featured Again!! oh my!

Much to my surprise yesterday I found out that my work Tangerine Dream was again honored as a featured work .. this time at ADAWG … I am more than pleased and want to thank the moderators of the group and all my new friends who are a stupendous encouragement for me to keep working on and sharing my creative endeavors … THANK YOU … and as always I am so happy that you enjoy my work (big big smile)


Featured Work ... (smile)

Oh my I’m falling behind!! so much good work to see, friends to message with, bubblemail to read and reply to, and posting my new work … busy busy busy … and oh my .. it always surprises me when my work is featured (smile) … I fell behind in thanking everyone … so finally here it is (grin)

to the moderators of Music Inspired Art M.I.A. for featuring my work
Wolf Brother

to the moderators of A Fractal Energy Passion for featuring my work
The Flower Shawl

and to the moderators of Digital Abstracts & Patterns for featuring my work
Deep Water Green

thank you thank you thank you
I am so pleased that you enjoy my work (big smile)


dilemma solved .. thanks to my friends :))

I had a dilemma … I created an image and then played around with it and came up with three versions. I liked all three (grin) … I needed help .. which one to post and what to title it .. and my friends came to my rescue .. I totally appreciate all of their help and inspiration (big smile)…

so guess what I choose (grin) … hehe I decided to keep all three and here’s how I titled them (with a lot of help from my friends who gave me lots of inspiration (big smile))

Beneath the Arctic Ice
… with special thanks to AmandaWitt for giving me the inspiration for this title (smile)

The Thousand Cranes Shawl
… with special thanks to izzybeth for sending me off googling for a story that sparked my imagination and helped me name this piece (big smile)

… with special thanks again to AmandaWitt nam

Wet Snow and Downed Trees .. part 2

last night was the worst .. see my journal entry Wet Snow and Downed Trees … part 1 for what was happening last night ……

I promised photos … this time I didn’t go out into the snow .. don’t have any winter boots and the snow’s too deep for my waterproof comfy very warm slippers .. so I took the shots out the back door and off the front porch .. there are more downed trees that I couldn’t photograph .. one we need to move as soon as we can .. it’s sitting on top of the propane tank! Otherwise, so far, no damage we can tell to the roof of the trailer .. thankfully .. this is going to be a mess to clean up … going to need help .. some of the limbs are quite large and alas I don’t own a chain saw …

this photo was taken out of my back door .. the bush you see are actually three young suckers of

Wet Snow and Downed Trees ... part 1

it’s midnight here in NE Wyoming on Sunday .. it snowed yesterday and last night leaving a lot of wet snow on the branches .. we lost a few limbs because of the weight of the snow .. just about an hour ago another huge limb came down … thankfully so far none have hit the house .. however I do have one big branch leaning of the roof above my bed .. it should be ok ……

a few hours ago I went out in my jammies, slippers (actually they’re waterproof and very very warm) and my hooded sweatshirt .. very wet snow was falling .. I brought out the broom to get the snow off of the branches I could reach but the trees are about 50 feet tall and well I only got a few of the lower branches …

I just checked the trees again and the wet snow (still falling .. could get up to seven inches tonight) is pilin


This has been flying around the net .. don’t know who wrote it but I got it from a friend and thought I’d pass it on to you ……


Once upon a time in a place overrun with monkeys, a man appeared and announced to the villagers that he would buy monkeys for $10 each.

The villagers, seeing that there were many monkeys around, went out to the forest, and started catching them.

The man bought thousands at $10 and as supply started to diminish, they became harder to catch, so the villagers stopped their effort.

The man then announced that he would now pay $20 for each one. This renewed the efforts of the villagers and they started catching monkeys again. But soon the supply diminished even further and they were ever harder to catch, so people started going back to their farms and forgot a

First Snow

Up here in the NE corner of Wyoming winter can start quite early .. in fact it usually snows the first time in September .. kinda late this year ……

thought I’d snap a pic to share with you … as you can see it’s still green under that white and the snow borders on rain today … suppose to snow for the next few days .. heavier at night …

first snows are nice (smile) .. just don’t ask me what I think about snow when January rolls around .. in fact we could even have a blizzard in April … been told (never seen it myself) that it’s even snowed on the 5th of July!! …

for anyone interested trees are precious in NE Wyoming .. only reason we have them is that they were planted as a windbreak on the original homestead and are over 60 years old! they’re Siberian Elms… and the bench used to by my couc

The Warning

The Warning…

In the still of the night, the owl could be heard, calling “wake up, wake up, there’s someone downstairs” and the old man got out of bed moving ever so slow. Grabbing his shotgun, he walked quietly down the hall to the top of the stairs, careful to stay in the shadows.

He could hear the owl in the window tree flapping her wings and another sound from below came up to him, a rasping, grumbling, growling sound. He had never heard anything like it before. The owl urged him on so down the stairs he went. It was dark in the house and he couldn’t see much beyond shadow.

Just then off in the dining room he heard a noise. Whoever it was dropped something onto the floor and the then more crashing, breaking sounds! He inched toward the dining room shotgun ready. All the while the smashi

Oh My I'm a Featured Artist! (smile)

I don’t know if you could imagine my surprise when I came home from work the other night, switched on my computer, headed over here to RB and found out I was the first featured artist at A Fractal Energy Passion .. to say this ol’ owl was flapping her wings flabbergasted would be an understatement (big grin) … I could hardly believe it .. so many other wonderful fractal artists in that group … never thought I would be chosen ……

I want to thank Coppertrees and Paul Stephen Dixon and so many others (sorry if I don’t mention all of you) for inspiring me to try new things with my art … and I want to thank the authors of Apophysis for making such as lovely toy (grin) that’s afforded me a so many hours of creative exploration and (lol) frustration … and is still teaching me the value of patience

My First Featured Work! (big smile)

Just another day at home I thought when I got up, flipped on my ’puter and headed over here to RB … and oh my what a surprise!! (big big smile) … was checking comments on my work and WOW Paul had left me a comment that my work Age of Loneliness ! had just become a one of the featured works at Music Inspired Art M.I.A …. (big big smile)

thank you Paul, blamo and TK … so happy you enjoy my work (big smile)

and I thought it was just going to be just another day (big grin)

Never Enough Time

there’s never enough time in my week to get everything done on my todo list .. well it’s not that I cram it so full .. it just happens that way and I do tend to get lost especially here on RB (big grin) .. I’ve been spending too much time having a good time here and not getting any of my other work done so as much as it pains me I have to back off a little bit and focus on other work and commitments … and take some time to take more photos and do a bit more art work to share too (smile) ……

you must know I’ll be missing all of you but it’s not that I’m going to disappear .. it’s just I don’t have the time to do as much reading and commenting as I used to .. so please don’t think that I don’t care about you or that I stopped enjoying your work .. that’s not true … I just need the time to wor

Life's Patterns

I’m so tickled pink (even though pink is not anywhere near my favorite color (grin)) …. Alan Findlater did up a video of some of my work and I am so pleased I’d like to share it with all of you … take a look and let me know what you think (smile)

Life’s Patterns

THANK YOU ALAN!! (big smile)

Apophysis ... The Unfolding

I am always on the lookout for more fun toys (software) to play with. Recently I’ve been seeing work done with Apophysis and I knew I had to add it to my toy chest (grin). However I always have a problem. I am a linux gurl and even though I have an old windows xp computer (read slow and little memory) I rarely use it except for some old fractal generating programs I still like to play with. I wasn’t sure if I could get Apophysis to work on the old box but decided to try anyway. So I began downloading it on my linux computer.…

Now there is a program for linux called Crossover that allows us to run windows programs but not all of them work quite like they should. Crossover is improving considerably and I do use it to run Paint Shop Pro v7 for some of my work. If I had Photoshop I could also

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait