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The Museum Exhibit of the Sarika Artifacts

I’m trying something new with my work … most of you who follow it know I like to add stories, poetry and sometimes even music to my presentations.

Well this time I thought I’d do a museum tour about the Sarika and the artifacts found of their civilization. The tour includes seven artifacts spread over their individual pages. One starts with The Sarika ArchWorks .. the story continues on each image in order in the series ….

In the Series are these images:

The Sarika ArchWorks - begin with this image …
there will be a link to take you in order to the remaining artifacts in the exhibit:

I know I could have used a journal entry to present the whole story however I’m trying something new and presenting it like an old hypercard presentation (old time Mac people know what I’m talking about (grin/smile))

I’d love it if you’d take time and check out The Museum Exhibit of the Sarika Artifacts … comment on my work on those pages please and not here … if you’d like to comment on the “method” of my presentation than please do so here … I’d love to hear what you think about it (big smile)

enjoy ….

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