Where does Santa Claus Live? Let Me Google That For You!

I always knew that Santa Claus lived at the North Pole but just where at the North Pole? Many years I searched but could never find him. But then I found this search engine tool made the search so much easier and quicker. It’s called LMGTFY – Let Me Google That For You!

What is it? It’s a little helper site/tool that allows you to type in a question which it will translate for you into google speak and get the results of your query for you.

How do you do that? Well you type in your question .. (no question mark needed) and click “Google Search” button …. LMGTFY then translates your question into a google query which you can then copy and paste into your browser’s addy bar or just click “go” and LMGTFY get it for you!… saves a lot of time ….

so to find the Jolly Elf …. the question “Where does Santa Claus live” in google speak is


a lot easier and faster to type in the original question and push a button ….

and where does Santa Claus live? Well I’m persuaded to agree that he lives in Joulupukki – Lapland – Finland …. Santa is Here! …. enjoy!

I hope this little tool will help you in your searches (big smile)

Merry HO HO!

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