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The Owl-Images website is a collaborative initiative between Bill Maynard and Michael Cummings born from a love of photography and owls. In fact the very first time Michael and I met was during a Great Grey Owl photography shoot so this website holds a special symbolic meaning for both of us.

As with most wildlife photographers I know Michael and I amassed thousands of owl photographs over many years with very few ever being seen by anyone but our closest friends. It was not until one winter night as we were reviewing wolf images for our wolvesonly website that we decided to strike up an initiative specifically focused on owl photography.

We both hold a similar belief that through our owl images we have a tremendous opportunity to expose people to the beauty of owls and educate them on the various species with an end goal of having them one day support much needed conservation efforts.

In keeping with that goal Michael and I will be donating a portion of the proceeds from all sales made through Red Bubble to organizations that support owl conservation efforts.

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