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100,000 views and counting!

I joined this wonderful community of Redbubble in November 2009. So, after almost 22 months
my portfolio reached 100,000 views!

Here are some statistics:

  1. I have been Featured Member in 24 RedBubble groups, and I also have received the Master Photographer Award from the “Focus and lighting” group.
  2. 265 images out of 291 have been Featured in RB groups, most of them multiple times.
  3. My work has been Featured on the Redbubble Homepage twice.
  4. I am hosting in 5 RB groups:
    300+Go Long!
    African Art and Photography
    Top Shelf Wildlife
    Wildlife of Southern Africa
    Wild Cats In Their Environment
  5. Top 20 of my most popular images:

I am very thankful that all these people appreciate my photography work through Redbubble!

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