Mid Morning Ride

With a swift crack of the crop

He neighs as he rears and hoofs come down hard.
Pounding the ground ‘thump’ with a thunderous bolt.
Faster than the grasshoppers among Timothy grass.
Yah!! She yells and he bucks a wicked once.

He continues his stride longer and faster

as she grabs his mane tighter with screams
Yah!! Yah!!
To where they are headed is, with out a care,
but the ride is the limits, if limits were there!

Faster!, Faster!
Till all tail bristles are straight.
As like a stiff paint brush unused
quickly readying to stroke virgin canvas.
This portrait of ecstasy is done by a master.

The clods that he scours, fly by in a flash!
The few that have circled are on their way back.

Yah!! Yah!!
He jumps in his canter, as he’s off on this dash.
She pitches to the left as the gritty balls fly,
then back to the right to avoid her sweet sighs.
The river ahead will clean them up well!
The moisture of sweat slipstreaming her thighs.

He slows to a trot…

As the river is thick, near overflowing its banks.
She releases his cape in a unparalleled quench.
He kneels down as if bow, then her legs cast away.
They shiver the calmness, after this ride of midday

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Yah!! Yah!!
To where they are headed is, with out a care,
but the ride is the limits, if limits were there!

One from the files, Just going through some drafts


horses, rides


  • adgray
    adgrayover 6 years ago

    I have favoured this after just the 2nd stanza!
    !!!!!! W O W !!!!!!!!!
    Going to read the rest now!
    ♥♥♥♥ love this! ♥♥♥♥

  • deliriousgirl
    deliriousgirlover 6 years ago

    to where they are headed with not a care
    but the ride is the limits, if limits were there

    Verrrrrrrrrry interesting words, m’dear!!!! hey i just sent you a message on that fm thinggie

  • What are boundaries, But restraints? Unfettered is freedom!
    I’ll go see…;)

    – Outdoors2

  • adgray
    adgrayover 6 years ago

    !!!!!!! * S T U N N I N G * !!!!!!!
    I have read loads of stuff in my time but never have I been breathless like this has rendered me!
    B R I L L I A N T !!!!!
    I cant believe you made it a poem! It reads so smoothly like the wild fast ride that it is!
    Exciting and alluring and stunning!
    !!!!!!!! B R A V O !!!!!!!!!!!
    ♥♥♥♥ I will Eternally love this! ♥♥♥♥♥

  • Thank You I have had this almost forever…
    I have experienced this exhilarating sensation and believe me it is wicked!
    Nothing compares to a Stallion at full speed! Nothing

    – Outdoors2

  • jcmontgomery
    jcmontgomeryover 6 years ago

    Brings me back to the days when I had my beautiful Appy gelding (who thought he was a stallion, just ask those mares over there nickering every time he passes)…..seriously though…nothing like riding bareback feeling one with the animal beneath you…nope, nothing like it.

  • We had an Appaloosa too . JC. (Geld, poor boy! ha)
    My daughter showed on the National Circuit. Sadly we sold ‘Miki’ when she went to college.
    You know the feeling too than …Incredible power without the noise of a Harley!

    – Outdoors2

  • jcmontgomery
    jcmontgomeryover 6 years ago

    Oh I do O…nothing like it, and very hard to describe to one who has never experienced it….but this piece does it a fair amount of justice…like i said…it took me back and helped me remember….thanks!

  • Surely JC

    – Outdoors2

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