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Newtownards, United Kingdom

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Dig WW2 the final episode.

Last of the three part documentry by Dan Snow, on Northern Ireland in WW2. covering many subjects including the crash of a B17 into Lough Foyle. Rams Island in Lough Neagh, where Many American airmen and marines spent an hour or twos peace in the little wooded island. Many carved their names into the trees, still seen to this day 70years later, serving as a memorial to the many who never survived.
Dive on the submarine graves of the scutled German U boats that had sent thousands of lives and hundreds of ships of the Atlantic convoys to the bottom.
Brilliant series by the BBC Northern Ireland and Canadian television. Must view series, sadly not available outside the UK as yet, but may be seen on some US and Canadian channels.
Have a little look a some m…