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An Adventuress Stormy Weather

An Adventuress Stormy Weather

The weatherman had predicted a mild day with maybe a slight chance of scattered rain late in the evening at most. It was all I needed to know because I was sure I could trust the man doing the forecast. My mind was going wild with anticipation of going for a picnic early in the afternoon and showing off the new clothes I had bought at the mall a few days earlier. I loved going to that park just further up north from where I lived because across from it was a snow cone stand. It wasn’t that I loved those ice treats. It was the young girl that took the orders that I was looking forward impressing with my new wardrobe.
I told my mom to pack me up some good old fashion fried chicken with all the trimmings. O f course I didn’t quite tell her my true plans. I merely said I was going to the park with an old friend of mind that I had met at school way back in the first grade. Sometimes you just cannot tell your mom every little detail because they give you a hard time when it comes to girls. All I said was to include two ice cold sodas with my meal.
Soon as she left for work that Saturday morning, I hit the shower and was done bathing by the time that first drop of water hit the bathroom floor. Okay, so I did have a passion for exaggerating, but the shower was a very quick one. Girls have a way of making boys not think straight sometimes and that day was no exception for me. I was sure my new clothes would impress her if I just so happen to pass by the snow cone stand. My confidence was at an old time high and I was sure she would notice this handsome good looking young boy.
My mother had warned me to make sure to listen to the latest weather report before leaving for the park. I kept my word, but with a slight change of details. I turned the television on and as soon as the weatherman said the weather in the morning was going to be alright, I jumped in the shower. The splashing of the water in the shower drown the voice of the man that was speaking. I believe it was during that time that he said that we were in for a stormy afternoon.
By the time I was through drying myself there was no more weather report. I dressed myself in my nice white shorts and a red Polo short sleeve t-shirt. I combed my hair and took a peak at the good looking kid that was looking in the mirror. I was very impressed if I say so myself. Time was on my side so I walked gingerly over to the kitchen and paper sacked my goodies. After looking at the big clock on the wall I was happy that things were going as plan. I had just enough time to walk to the park and wait for that pretty girl that had me all turned upside down to take her lunch break.
As I walked out the front door of my house I did detect a change in the weather pattern. The atmosphere even had a wet smell of water and dirt. The wind was blowing strangely a bit harder than usual, yet I just let it slip by me. If only I had stopped for a few minutes to analyze what was in store for me. I would have used common sense to turn on the television and find another weather report in another channel. However, my mind was preoccupied with visions of the girl accepting my picnic invitation.
Once outside of the confines of my home I grabbed the skateboard that I normally parked near the entrance. Mom would not describe me parking the skateboard there. She would say to take that piece of wood that was laying in the front yard and hide it somewhere else. With the left foot in the center and my right foot pushing I took off. The food was packed neatly in the paper sack and in the backpack behind my shoulders.
Halfway down the street to the park I started feeling the wind behind picking up some more. I tried to slow down but my loose shirt seemed to act like a sail. The power of the approaching stormy weather was beginning to affect my skateboarding. I suddenly found myself gliding past cars with not much in control. A feeling of danger set in as I tried to break. The more I tried the more difficult it became to control my skateboard. I knew that any sudden brake would result in a big fall.
The yelling of the people in the vehicles and those that were rushing to get home frightened me even more. I wanted so badly to turn back, but I also knew that if I fell down on the pavement I would most certainly scrap my knees, or maybe break something on my body. It was more logical to try maneuvering myself and the skateboard to a grassy area near the sidewalk. If only I could reach out at a branch hanging from a tree and taking the weight off my feet it would help break the fall.
The planning had taken some time to develop and before I knew it I was right in front of the snow cone stand. Little had I realized that the rain had also poured down from the massive dark clouds from the heavens above. I was soaking wet and my brand new red t-shirt was bleeding down on my white shorts. My lower extremities seemed like they were dripping red blood. I was not well versed in knowing what bleeding colors meant, I was only a young lad of twelve years old.
I managed to come to a stop as I held on to the tree that was right smack in front of the place of business where I had planned to meet the unsuspecting girl. It seemed deserted as I panicked and reached out to unbuckle my pants. I didn’t know why or what was bleeding. It was scary thinking that something had hit me and that I was loosing blood.
Just as I lowered my shorts I caught sight of somebody coming out from the snow cone stand. It was her and there I was with my shorts down. I felt embarrassed and quickly pulled them back up. She looked at me and said, “Don’t worry Bobby, that dye will come off if you keep them soaking and adding some bleach. At least that’s what my mom tells me to do.”
I was shocked, but I didn’t have much time to worry about it because the stormy weather finally came to a full force. She helped me get inside the snow cone stand and gave me some towels to dry up while the storm past. We sat on the floor to avoid any glass breaking from the windows and started to converse.
She made me feel so comfortable that I offered her some of my lunch to pass the time, and it was her lunch break. Unfortunately, when it was raining and the wind behind me the water got in the backpack.
The strong wind had also opened it and the rain had left something inside the wet paper sack.
It was a little fish that the clouds had picked up and released it. It was still alive and we found a jar and water to put it in. As for the wet chicken, well, we cut it up in very tiny pieces and gave it to the fish. We even gave it a name. We called it ,“Stormy Weather.”

An Adventuress Stormy Weather


Harlingen, United States

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Boys trying to meet girls is not over hyped. It can be hard, but this young boy manages to make the most of trying to impress a girl. He gets caught with his pants down literally, but that’s up to you to read and find out.

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