The Watch Man

Around his wrist he wore a timeless piece of machinery called a watch,
It didn’t tell time because it was broken and besides it had no hands.
This worthless time machine to some happened to be very special to him,
From the very first time he placed it on his arm he knew how valuable it was.

When someone ask him for the time of day or night his answer was the same,
He would reply,“At this time of the day yesterday it was the exact time it is now.”
People would look at him amazed of what he said and then they would smile,
Knowing that he really didn’t know how to read the hands, or it didn’t work.

A conversation would transpire and after a few laughs he would show it to them,
They would giggle even more and give him their name and a nice hand greeting.
Later on after some nice conversation they would thank him for the time,
Not for the time of day but for the happy moments of friendly meeting time.

Soon after that encounter they would see him on the street with a nicely wave,
It must have multiplied a hundred times a hundred for a life time of fame.
People knew his name and often invited him for a cup of coffee or some tea,
Never would a day go by that if he didn’t show up on the street they would know.

Concern arose their suspicion and the search of eyes would wander all about,
And not until someone would catch the eye of he would their be content.
Even when they were on vacation they would often wonder about his life,
Never did they suspect that he knew nothing of their own private lives.

The years passed on by and holidays came and left but remembered about him,
Often they would look for his whereabouts with a little present in their hands.
Cards of joy for the celebration and a heartfelt hand shake to welcome the year,
Until his legs could no longer walk the streets and the traffic slowed down.

One day they found this man laying still on the ground and they picked him up,
Nobody knew of his home when the hospital wanted to know his next of kin.
Soon the town discovered that this man was homeless throughout his time,
And when the day came to sent him home they placed the watch on his grave.

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You might know of this man somewhere in your own town, but if you don’t then let me introduce him to you. He is a kind man that has nothing bad to say and welcomes you with his heart. If you happen to see him around your town, please tell him hello for me.


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  • jedidiah morley
    jedidiah morleyalmost 4 years ago

    a wonderful tale :o))
    remind me why you stopped from becoming an author of stories?

  • I wrote so much and I notice that people were not patient enough to read them, when they replied a few times I discovered they were only reading like cheating in school to do a library report, you know, only the first paragraph and the last one, and their comments gave them away. A friend shouldn’t do this, they should be honest and tell me it was boring from the start and I would love them for their honesty. I knew then that I was writing stories for myself only. When I was a teacher, my stoudents loved them, and I would make hundreds and hundreds of them, honestly, they loved how I read them, and begged for copies, even their parents would read them and comment. They told me that my students read them to their little brothers and sister, now that brought me joy. You have no idea how many I wrote just to see their faces smile, they made me autograph them. I made them bidders of them, boy I missed all of that. When they see me as adults, they tell me they still have them and read them to their own kids, now that brings joy to me.

    – oscarelizondo

  • LisaMM
    LisaMMalmost 4 years ago

    This is a truly beautiful tale of a kindly old man who had nothing but time on his hands to spread cheer and goodwill to his fellow man. He had nothing himself, but the biggest and most generous of hearts beating within. I loved this story, full of joy and yet so much sadness as well. And I can promise you, cross my heart, I read every word and didn’t just skip to the bottom. Your reply to Jedidiah is another wonderful story in itself. I can understand why those memories fill your heart with joy. Would you mind signing this story for me please :-)

  • You made me cry, but it truely was for the joy of your words, so tender to my heart. I truely needed this, and it came from your heart, bless you, you understand my emotions as I expressed them. I miss the smiles of people when they too express their feelings without someone their to coach them, I can see the kindness inside of and I am so thankful for what you have said and done. Your last line speaks volumes of how wonderful of a friend you must be to your friends, and to me too. I can only thank you with my heart for reading my writing and you filled the void with me, please place your hand own the screen and let me touch your hand as a hand shake of good friends, go in peace and know that you have done something so wonderful, and in time your heart will be rewarded in some way, believe and it shall come true.

    – oscarelizondo

  • trish725
    trish725almost 4 years ago

  • I am so thankful to this group for allowing my writing full of emotions to be featured, it is an honor, go in peace for the joy you have instilled in my heart.

    – oscarelizondo

  • IzzyGumbo
    IzzyGumboalmost 4 years ago

    and sometimes, maybe people read like that because it’s the only way they can.
    your stories are not boring… people’s eyes just don’t all work the same way my friend. I have troubles reading. But I try. xo

  • Forgive me if I expressed myself in a wrong way, I meant not to offend you or anyone, my mind has a mind of it’s own, and thus the interpretation might have gone the wrong way. Forgive me, I am so pleased that you read in your own pleasant way, my heart truely goes out to you with all my respect. Perhaps I will be careful with my tongue, but know that I am thankful for you reading my writing, I appreciate your comment and respect it and you for your honesty. Go in peace!

    – oscarelizondo

  • IzzyGumbo
    IzzyGumboalmost 4 years ago

    :) I adore you Oscar
    and what you write :) xo

  • A smile came over me because you answered to what I wrote, I really was worried to have offended you, my heart is now at peace, thank you for those lovely words, if you could see my face it would show it in red, I blushed at your kindness. I only wish I could understand your work, I have a pea brain and many times I try to understand your numbers, you are so intelligent and I afraid to make a fool of myself by making comments on your work. I read them, but this pea brain is not always small, its crack to. He, he, ha, ha, imagine that, so instead of not showing how dumb I am, I stay silent, but I respect your powerful knowledge and know that I have read your work. Just remember that my pea brain came to visit you but had to shy away without notice because of my lack of smarts, but in my world you still rock.

    – oscarelizondo

  • ian osborne
    ian osbornealmost 4 years ago

    This leaves me with the restful feeling of a kind, simple soul who feels joy when the sun rises on a new day and transmits that feeling to everyone he meets. His unconcern for the need to know the time indicates his living for the present moment only and taking pleasure from the simple fact of being alive.

  • You are so right, it was intended to show just how much little things can be so worth while and it doesn’t take much to be kind. Some have so much, yet their fortunes destroys lives and character, here a poor man has little to give, yet what he gives comes from the heart, and not his pockets, and I think you understand this more than others by the way you responded. Thank you so much for the lovely comment, bless you and have a good day.

    – oscarelizondo

  • Purplecactus
    Purplecactusalmost 4 years ago

    Congratulations on being one of our first featured 12

  • I was so full of emotions for being honored that I forgot the thank you for the feature. Thank you so very much even though it is late in coming.

    – oscarelizondo

  • Natella2020
    Natella2020almost 4 years ago

    The watch man found true wealth and charity. Very sweet story, congrats on the feature.

  • Thank you for your gracious comment, it does my heart gone, again thank you for spending time reading my emotions.

    – oscarelizondo

  • IzzyGumbo
    IzzyGumboalmost 4 years ago

    I just read this :) it’s a wonderful write Oscar. xo

  • My friend when you read my work, I feel so over joyed because after reading some of your work I realize that I am not very bright trying to see what your gifted mind sees with equations, numbers, and the likes. I wish I could understand them all so that I can leave a message. However; thank you so much for taking the time to read and the kindness you show with your words.

    – oscarelizondo

  • Purplecactus
    Purplecactusalmost 4 years ago

    No problem at all. I am just glad that I got the opportunity to read this wonderful piece and showcase it

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