The Wrinkles Of Time

On my way to nowhere I adjusted the rear view mirror on my truck,
Then I paused for a minute or two because I felt like I was out of luck.
On my face I could see the wrinkles that looked more in tune with the times,
And on my forehead running from side to side I could see the thin lines.

Suddenly I couldn’t turn the key to get the ignition on and drive away,
My eyes made no attempt to deceive my mind as my instincts made me stay.
Deep thoughts visited me as my eyes affixed themselves to images I was seeing,
The memory of myself was before me and my heart had a hard time believing.

Minutes turned into hours while my delusional brain became aware of aging,
Cars behind honked as my blood started boiling and my anger was raging.
I still couldn’t move while I was in deep thinking of the person I had become,
Voices called out to me to move and finally my ears listened to some.

“Hey handsome young man I think it’s time you stopped looking at yourself!”
It was a short lady in a police woman’s uniform and a little taller than an elf.
Her words sounded so sweet as she acknowledge my true appearance,
So I started up my truck and smiled and wave as I felt the new experience.

Copyright © Oscarelizondo Tuesday March 10, 2010 12:03 AM

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  • wigs
    wigsover 4 years ago

    You know how to put a smile on my face……. I loved the message here, a great flowing write as ever…. and as for short lady being no taller than an elf….. well young man!!!! I am now picturing myself as an elf as I am only a short lady!!!!…. an elf indeed, actually i was one when I was about 9 years old in a Christmas play…thanks for bringing back that memory, i thought it had escaped me…. and the lines are to remind us we have lived…… and I prefer to call mine laughter lines…
    great write Oscar xx

  • Sometimes we find humor in the things we remember and write about, didn’t mean anything negative, just a message that little things come in big packages, hey thats you, a great person, beautiful in your own way, such a lovely human being, well, thats what this writing intells. The elf part is let us know that beauty is found in everything, in everyone, and that we should see how they influence to be proud of who we are and have become. You are a great person, so I hope the memories serves to remind you of the wonderful you, thanks for reading this and commenting, glad you are back.

    – oscarelizondo

  • linmarie
    linmarieover 4 years ago

    LOL!!!! I love this one,, it is just like art,, we look at it so critically when it is our own,, and until another looks at it deeply and sees what we don’t, we feel it is not good enough,, we do the same to ourselves. Aging brings out the worst in all of us,, looking at our image brings back the younger years and causes us to ponder where did it go,,, its all in our wrinkles now,, aged like a fine wine, crackled like an ancient painting.. but still worth its weight in gold.. Hey did you get the ladies phone number???? LOL!!!! should have asked her out for a coffee and donuts,, LOL!!!!! I love it when you write your whimsical ones,, they always make me smile,, what a gift you have for doing that..have a wonderful day my friend, the sun is shining here inside and out,, peace and love linmarie

  • Thank you so much, been ill lately, and I remember things in my life that still resound inside of my head, they just flow, then I try to piece it together the way it happen, like a little story, then turn it into poetry. I want to say so much, some is just plain crazy, sometimes it is resourceful, sometimes its funny, sometimes even I wonder how the brain communicates with me, ha, ha, just some humor. I like this very much, you know, it happens but we don’t speak about it in good terms, we seem to take the negative side, well, if you know me, there is a bright side somewhere between the lines, and I take off with it. I appreciate you time here, I know you should be packing, but hey, glad to hear from you. I have been in bed, but then i go out in the sun and sweat my sickness, and it helps all the time. Not much for medicine, the sun can do wonders to our bodies, well, don’t burn yourself of course, but once we sweat it out, nature will take care of the rest. I’ve gone up to twenty years without seeing a doctor, I’m old fashion, imagine, little old me. Thanks for the comment, it brought me smiles to hear how you took it took. Oh, and leaving on a jet plane, that was cute, I remember the song when I was leaving for the service and my girlfriend Janie went to see me off, wow, the memories. I plan to write a poem with that song, see, you inspire me in many ways. Oh, my other poem where you said I was making the changes and it was an award winning one, I’ve been reading all the wonderful things you said. I’ve cried over and over with the wonderful things you said, there is something special I want to say about it, holding hands and letting me know I am not alone, but it will take time after enjoying the beautiful things you said, but it requires a special acknowledgement because of what you said. You don’t buy friends like you, and I really am planning to write something special, I am not ignoring responding, it is just so terrific, that when my heart is settled, my wonderful emotion down to earth, you will hear my response. You have no idea how much my heart has heart feels joyess with your outstanding comments, so wait for it, when you get back, it will be there. Thanks for everything, I have told my inlaws that I am not going to Houston, certain pressing matters have surfaced, have a great time.

    – oscarelizondo

  • linmarie
    linmarieover 4 years ago

    Please get feeling better,, we both know stubbornness gets us know where,, soak up the sun while you can,, it is healing,, and put a smile on your face every time you bask in its rays of warmth. Thank you for acknowledging my comment about your other poem,, and go for the write with the song,, leaving on a jet plane,, can not wait to see it,, will send a bmail about the rest of my week and plans,, peace and love linmarie,,so here is a little something to make you smile my friend,, RIBBBBBBITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

  • oscarelizondo
    oscarelizondoover 4 years ago

    Boy, who took that picture of me, wow, it describes me to the detail. Darn, thats why I hadn’t put a picture of me here, poor little me, I’m exposed now. Ha, ha, this is so beautiful my friend, I am laughing my heart out. I could write about me, I meant the frog of course all day long, and a poem comes to mind to what I, I mean he is thinking. Thank you so much, he, he, he, boy I should have put my clothes on before I went out this morning to get the paper, darn, what will the neighbors say when they see this on redbubble, ha, ha, he, he, have a great day.

  • linmarie
    linmarieover 4 years ago

    Are you kidding me???????? way to funny, I DO NOT CARE if your skin is green, or if you are naked while relaxing,,,,,, well that depends,, lol!!,,,,,if it is you being you then that is what counts,, you made me laugh again my friend,, thanks for that,, smiles go for milesssssssssssss,, and miles, and miles. I can see you for miles and miles and miles, now pick up your chin and stop laughing, no, no,, no,, don’t ever stop laughing, hey I JUST left you another song title from our old aged days,, go with it,, write me something,, By the way ,I sent this photo of you in your local NEWSPAPER,, beware!!!,,,,,,,,,, be cautious when going outside to pick up the newspaper, but most of all, my special friend, if you go out at night and here the frogs chirping, the bull frogs croaking in a musical sound, think of me, because I send you wishes of our dreams can come true,, you found one in me,, friendship, love, devotion, admiration, love of your writes,, they make me read, and read, and read,, and yup,, two glasses of wine,, here I AM,, babbling on,, but too someone who is so dear in my heart, should I NAME this frog OSCAR??????? peace and love linmarie,, smile, now,, smile,, you do this too me,,,pay backs are hell!!

  • oscarelizondo
    oscarelizondoover 4 years ago

    People call me a little old green frog,
    But I am really a cute little old prince,
    This lady called Linmarie put a spell on me,
    So I lay here in the Lillie pods ever since.

    The sun is warm and my body feels good,
    Under me the water is very cool and clean.
    So I am in no hurry to being switched to a man
    Because the bugs I eat keep me nice and lean.

    I day dream a lot of not having to make a living,
    And basting under the clouds and the sun is better.
    Never do I have to worry about paying my bills,
    Or having to use a computer to write a letter.

    So Linmarie, I guess for now I can thank you
    For sending me to this glorious place on vacation.
    Just don’t forget to stop the spell on me
    When the summer is over for my duration.

  • IzzyGumbo
    IzzyGumboover 4 years ago

    I really really enjoyed reading this :)
    Your writing is so much fun and just outstanding.

  • Oh, gosh, I am really blushing, your comment is so inspiring that I just keep on writing and telling myself maybe someone will like it. Well, I guest the wishing upon a star worked and you stopped by to read and leave me such kind words in your comment, thank you so much and I hope I don’t bore you with all of my work because I have so much, you have a good day or night, where ever you are, thank you again.

    – oscarelizondo

  • linmarie
    linmarieover 4 years ago

    ok,, now I am laughing, crying, shaking in awe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a wonderful friend you are,, I posted this poem to my frog drawing, bragging about you being the writer,, the man with the words of imagination to join my painting, you rock my world, what a lovely,, surprise,, but you are sneaky,, I have too keep checking back on you to find out my gifts you gave me,, you naughty,, little old fellow,, you stole me away today to frog heaven,, thanks,, I AM smiling while packing, this was just the break I needed,, love linmarie

  • lisameryl
    lisamerylover 3 years ago

    Oscar, oh this was a sheer joy and delight to read. I loved it all the way through, especially that charming ending. Men are indeed highly appealing and attractive with their handsome facial lines and salt&pepper hair. Men age like fine wine. I find Sean Conncery handsome as ever. Sorry but had to throw in his name, for he looks damn fine with salt&pepper hair and those facial lines tell a story. Which makes me wonder about you Mr. Handsome. Now, don’t be shy with me. I’m curious to see that lovely face of yours. I already know you have a big heart and soul with a great sense of humor and personality. That’s ok…I understand if you’d rather not show me your face. I’m not pressuring you, for I just want to bring a smile upon your face. How about a big hug instead? Well, this was a GREAT write my dear friend. Hugs and smiles from across the miles…Lisa =)XO

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