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Two Separate Worlds

In a tiny village a happy poor family sits around a campfire,
With little food to eat their minds only ask for a few desires.
They are thankful for such small portions because others have none,
And when they are through with the meal they talk when all are done.

In a huge city a family is sitting at the table complaining about the food,
And even though it could feed a village their taste buds say its no good.
One person is talking on the cell phone and none wish to say a prayer,
Nobody wants to talk to each other while the TV is showing the “Dragon Slayer.”

The village family smile and talk about hopes of another meal tomorrow,
Knowing to well that there might not be any and their might be tears of sorrow.
Together they walk outside the straw hut to linger and sing a happy song,
Wishing that nobody will hunt them down or something else go so wrong.

City folks are fighting for the remote control as the games take a front seat,
Mother and father are screaming as the children on the table place their feet.
Every room has a television on and not enough people to watch any show,
The lights are all on as electricity is used very quickly and not so very slow.

In the village the bedtime is a little after the sun goes down and it not safe,
Outside the wind is blowing up a storm and in the ocean there is a tidal wave.
There are no warnings from radios or televisions because they don’t have any,
And in the morning there will be sad stories of tragic lost lives of a plenty.

City people in this house don’t even worry of the storm that approaches,
Not to worry as the brick home is solid as nobody panics, not even the roaches.
In the morning the kids will want the schools to be closed so there is no school,
A few branches have fallen from the trees and the weather is still a little cool.

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We need to be thankful where we live and for the things we have.


oscars poems and stories


  • Soaps
    Soapsover 4 years ago

    Oscar, you have a great big eye for seeing all the things so many of us overlook. Bravo my friend. I like this very much.

  • Thank you my friend, does that mean you know my age, LOL. I have an awareness of all things around me, I have the feelings inside me of caring for all those around me, and I have the sight of special bird in flight that flies all around me. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, your words mean so much to me.

    – oscarelizondo

  • DefinitelyLynn
    DefinitelyLynnover 4 years ago

    Your writing shows your heart and thats definitely fantastic!

  • Thank you so much for that nice complement because I often, if not everytime I write I put my heart and soul into the emtions that drive me to write. I appreciate your insight and wonderful comment.

    – oscarelizondo

  • Kelelina
    Kelelinaover 4 years ago

    I love this one too Oscar! Extremely Beautiful and true! So many people take advantage of what they have and never does it cross their mind they should be thankful and appreciate that they have a bed to sleep in, food to eat, a roof over their heads and family and friends, where as there is alot of people who wished to be blessed with this! Awesome write my friend!

  • As always, your words speak volumes to my emotions that written in my passages so that I share them with all that are willing to listen to my views. I thank you so much for stopping a lending me your ears and mind to hear the only things I have left to share, and when you listen and comment it brings me joy that someone is there to allow me to speak my mind. Thank you very much.

    – oscarelizondo

  • warmsoul
    warmsoulover 4 years ago

    Awsome writing Oscar. Your words so heartfelt and true xo

  • Hope that my emotions were understood and heard so that we can all walk with eyes wide open and help each other. I thank you so much for listening and commenting, it helps bring joy to the world.

    – oscarelizondo

  • linmarie
    linmarieover 4 years ago

    county mouse versus city mouse,, I loved that childrens story, this reminds me of that,, I will stay a country mouse and count my blessings everyday over a bowl of rock soup.. I will stay one with mother nature, trust in my gut feelings, love with a humble heart, pray to my God, lend a helping hand when I can,, and teach my children and grands the same,, peace and love linmare,, this is so beautiful!!

  • Selfish me, I have been so locked in with my emotions that I failed to read your comment and respond. I feel ashame, but as usual, I tell it like it is. I love your work, your comments and I guess I took this for granted, I always appreciate your view, and my stupidity shows again because I am selfish, but it doesn’t take away the beautiful friend and dear angel you are to me. Don’t change who you are, my emotions have taken the best of me, silly of me to have fallen behind on thanking you for your wonderful valuable time and effort you make to read my work, shame on me, bad Oscar, bad Oscar, however, you are still the greatest of friends, I am not ashame to tell the world. Thanks, you are like gold that never looses it valve, its shine, its appreciation.

    – oscarelizondo

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