A Need To Cry

A Need To Cry

There are times when a man secretly and emotionally needs to cry,
The pain of internal reasons that are private with no explanations of why.
A mysterious event that flashed before an unwavering heart of stone,
Something that opened the eyes of the mind that penetrated down to the bone.

Don’t know where it was written that a macho man has no time to shed tears,
History has misinterpreted that a grown man doesn’t cry is ancient in years.
Love inside the heart that entails a caring gene that must emit pain of a need,
A calling to reach out and ask for help is what a soul wants so that it too can feed.

A proud man seeks reassurance to cry in public so that he will not feel so weak,
Because he too has seen that passions evolves around us as times are bleak.
The strength of a man should grow when he learns that crying is not a bad thing,
And a love one can ease what hurts so that the happiness to the heart it brings.

There shall always be a need to cry because it is what makes us all human beings,
We were created to feel, the hurt, to love, and to cry until the day we grow wings.
Our bodies bleed, we walk on two feet, we have emotions expressed when we cry,
So there is no reason to feel ashamed of our tears, or a need to explain why.

Copyright © Oscarelizondo Tuesday February 23, 2010 11:50 AM

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Pride can destroy of person, especially when they don’t understand the reasons why it is alright to cry.
With tears in the eyes, it shows that the heart has emotions, that the mind needs someone to hold them, and the soul feels comfort in the tears. Thank you for reading this.


  • wigs
    wigsalmost 5 years ago

    beautiful writing again Oscar… I see only strength in a man who cry’s, it shows emotion and feeling, important attributes to anyones character, man or woman and it also shows heart, one that is alive…..

  • I totally agree with what you said, but my father was a little different. He was a great dad, but I remember him telling me in my adult world that man don’t huge, heck, I hunged him anyway. Even a kiss on his cheek to let him know Ioved him brought words of, man don’t kiss. He is gone, and I still kissed him when he died. I know this conversation is about tears, but just wanted to show you why I wrote this, hard for some people to understand depending on the way they were raised. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and for your wonderful comment.

    – oscarelizondo

  • linmarie
    linmariealmost 5 years ago

    I have found men who can not cry or show it publicly end up venting out in other dangerous actions against the ones who love them most. Society is the culprit for putting this stigma on men. My dad was the most hard working, macho man, family man and awesome husband and father,, and when he was moved to tears for happiness or sadness he let them flow. I learned this is who I wanted in my life,, and have that.. I taught my sons to let their tears flow when they needed and they are two outstanding men too their partners and children for it. This is a wonderful write Oscar as always.. my daughters abusive husband only cries when he is in trouble or is trying to get back in someone’s grace again,, what a phony he is,, his tears do not move me one bit and I have told him so. So a good example of I am mister macho and can hurt all or anyone I want and you will not see me shed a tear.. until he is backed against the wall with guilt.. I wish we could get this write of yours out there for more to read,, it needs to be heard all over the world,, so my friend cry if you need,, let the feelings out, bottling them up makes you angry and descriptive you know. All my love linmarie

  • I am honored that you have said I should share this with more people. I hear your cry for your daughter and I wish I could step right in and help, I know how your father would have handled this and I am sorry he is not here to mend this. I mean no ill’s with my words and write, I feel for your heart and as a friend I hear your every meaning to your daughters fight to make her husband a better man. Hope things work out for the babies own sake, and that your stand will help in making things right. Boy, the way you answered here is a poem within itself to help people going with such emotions. Read back what you wrote and you will see how well you did and how your own poem can help others too. Thank you so much for your comment and it was nice to near from you, even if it’s just to say hello, that will let me know you are okay. I worry for you too, that is my nature, so it was nice to know you are there.

    – oscarelizondo

  • wigs
    wigsalmost 5 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of writing Oscar…

  • Thank you so much for the feature, I am honored to have been able to share this piece and being featured is only the high light of it all.

    – oscarelizondo

  • loramae
    loramaealmost 5 years ago

    I reckon it wouldn’t hurt for all the male population of the world to read this Oscar…well written and well learned…to me it is one of the greatest strengths that a person can have. ;O)

  • Thanks for agreeing with me on this one, I just took it for this man’s point of view, and I feel like I needed to let the rest of the world know. My father was a great guy, but he didn’t think too much about the crying thing, but even has he aged it was hard for him to see it any other way. Thank you for your comment.

    – oscarelizondo

  • Pagly4u
    Pagly4ualmost 5 years ago

    I cannot trust a Man who can’t cry it means he cannot FEEL………and Hey they have tear ducts too which are not simply to water their eyes……..when will Men learn that ITS OK TO CRY……makes them MORE of a Man if thats possible………and releases pressure……Good one oscar…..brilliant ……Hugs….

  • Thank you so much and I agree with your words in your comments.

    – oscarelizondo

  • Kelelina
    Kelelinaalmost 5 years ago

    The title had me hooked … you had me from the start… Love this, one of your best yet I think ;) :) A man who can cry has heart and thats what women love to see … A man with heart!!! Much love to you sweetie!! xxxx

  • Exactly what I was hoping to convey and your beautiful comment lets me know that I succeeded in relaying the message. I thank you so much for your support and the comments.

    – oscarelizondo

  • Thomas J Norbeck
    Thomas J Norbeckalmost 5 years ago

    I’ve cried many a tear and don.t feel less of a man at all…..I’m sure even GOD cries when he looks down to earth…..Great write
    Thomas J Norbeck

  • oscarelizondo
    oscarelizondoalmost 5 years ago

    I have traveled many miles in your shoes, and I agree that tears makes a man stronger. Thank you for supporting me in telling all the world of the beauty of it all. I thank you for stopping to read this and the wonderful comment.

  • Tony Ryan
    Tony Ryanalmost 5 years ago

    Wonderful sentiments. I believe that the truly strong person is the one who accepts and embraces vulnerability easily and openly. So many of us feel vulnerable so often but have robotically set up a force field to have us appear strong. However for many this has disconnected them from being aware to feelings, both their own and of those around them. More humans than ever act strong but carry and emit weakness. Until we all embrace transparency and self awareness we will develop an ever weaker world.

  • I say, cry as we must, make this world stronger, thanks for the comment, really appreciate it very much.

    – oscarelizondo

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