I am a retired school teacher. I fought in the Viet-nam conflict and received a purple heart. I am married and have two children. My wife is handicap and I help her alot. I like to write children’s stories and I used to do it while teaching. As my students would listen I decided to use them as a teaching guide. My students needed a lot of help and I incorporated their names in my stories while using vocabulary works and composition writing to encourage them. They loved the stories and I made thousands of copies because they wanted to read them to their little brothers and sisters, and later on in life they tell me they are reading them to their children. Oh, even their parents would tell me that they too had read them. Well, I promised them that some day I would publish them because the really wanted a hard copy. Now, into the future, I had to retire due to my wife’s illness and handicap. I love writing even if nobody reads them anymore.
This is an up date. My wife died about a year and a half ago and I hold her memory dearly so I am not changing what I had written prior to this. Thank you!

  • Age: 63
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What Have I Become

I have looked into the mirror of time and have seen the image of me ten times fold of the person I used to be. Such defined wrinkles to satisfy the age of summers past that have become so visible to see. With open arms I have welcomed mother time as it touches me so deeply that my smiles bring a relief of understanding of why I was created this way. It is a blessing that I must cherish and be …
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Born To Live And Die

Oh, my beautiful children that I have loved so greatly since I learned that you were in your mother’s womb, do not be afraid to let me go. My journey in this world is over with in the form of human tissue, but I will be here in spirit because I believe in the Lord’s words. I have lived a wonderful life all because of each one of you that called me father, it has been a blessing to he…
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Consumed In Dreams

It is not easy to wake up from a dream and wish you could go back and change something, say something you forgot to say, or just stay a little longer. Many times some of my dreams are subjects that I wished to have addressed either before they left, or maybe wish I could do something more. Losing oneself in these dreams are very constant with me because I seem to have lost my way. Yes, literall…
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Caught With My Pants Off

I was sitting by the lake, lonely and cold because there was no one but my dog to take. He and I have been the best of friends for a while, sometimes we just stare into each other’s eyes for a very long while. Deep inside the mind we seem to understand that companionship can be so kind. Somehow we know that when one of us must leave this place, we must stay strong since life and death is not a r…
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