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I am a published writer of the science-fiction fantasy novel, entitled “Pariah” EarlGoodwin/dp/1413713025
which is available at

I know mine own spirit of flame and light; it appreciates beauty and the finer things in life. However, I also have a dark spirit as well—one of blood and fire; that is inspired by all the darkness in the world…

And with these spirits…I conspire to create art exquisitely, and make it as real as I can, within my capacity; utilizing my heart, mind, and talents, and esoterically, any magic that I can find…

As a writer and artist I specialize in science-fiction fantasy, horror, and erotica. When the wind is right I also work on a little poetry from time to time. Currently I am in the process of trying to get two novels published: An Epic Fantasy, entitled, “Tears of the Le’igro” and the fantasy-horror novel, "Darkness within. I have been interviewed by 1st Angel, and am recognized as an illustrator at “A Novel Idea”’s blogzine. Furthermore, I have received encouragement from Tor Science Fiction and Fantasy.

I’m not unfamiliar with interviews on the radio, and I always look forward to the moments when they come my way.

Oprah hasn’t seem to take notice of me yet; although several friends have sent my story to her—Lady Goddess bless them all in their good intentions.

As one who specializes in creativity, I do a lot of work on table top modules for RPG gaming, including, but not limited to—full-length adventures and art-design. I have finished the Demo for Module A1 “Darkness Beyond”; which will allow players to explore my “Darkness” series in an RPG format for only $2.00!! The Demo will be released in my store at Rendered Realities.

I have lived extensively throughout the US; including ten years in Alaska. My previous employment consisted of, but was not limited to, Baggage Handler, Disc-Jockey, Dishwasher, Porter, Parts Runner, Courier, Video Technician, Manager, Bar Manager, Security Guard, Car Wash Attendant, Massage Therapist, Building and Maintenance, Cashier, Care Giver, and Goodwill Station Attendant.

I have lived on the streets for four years, stayed at eight different shelters, and had seven years exposure to a religious cult.

I am bipolar with schizeoaffective tendencies, and I have to get my medication from Canada, because apparently Medicare doesn’t give a proverbial shit about people with mental disorders, and won’t cover my cost for medication.

I believe that all people’s belief-structures are valid, as long as they don’t interfere with the livelihood or belief-structure of another; obviously this incongruity makes it difficult for people to be friends. I don’t think that peace is something that can be force, only perceived, and I have a low tolerance for people who are mean. Sooooo, don’t be shy, drop me a line; everyone has a story to tell, I would like to hear yours!!

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Disillusion and confusion make me want to cry / I’d rather do it now rather than later…while working in a cold mind… / I’d rather not say…then save the day / For a better moment than this one… / Taking it all away and leaving me with nothingness… / A second guess / A worthwhile smile / Feel the Hands of Fate / Touch the fire… / Because no one gets …
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Before I fade away. Show me more than ever before. Because I need it now, more than ever before. I feel the need. I crave, I desire, I want my cup to run over. And I never want the feeling to end. Not during any storm. I need my confidence. I need assurance. I need validation. And I need to know that all I’m doing is all I can do, and I need to feel blessed for my efforts. / I feel like a c…
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A NOTE FOR THE APOSTOLIC ASSEMBLY OF JESUS CHRIST: / You put me through hell, and I was too blind to see it… You kept me from the love of my life, because you believed that is what God wanted. I wanted to be a psychoanalyst, but you discouraged me from doing so; telling me that “Jesus was the Answer”. I was taken in by the theatrics of mass-hysteria, your collective delusions. N…
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In June I will be signing a contract with Double Dragon and Blood Moon, who wish to represent my novel “Darkness Within” as a trilogy. Work will be published in 2012 / Oh—but my goodness! Isn’t that when the world is supposed to end according to Nostradamus? You mean all that work—20 years of writing and waiting is all going to be swept under the carpet? And my reaso…
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