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We are a retired couple that love life and love photographing anything that strikes our fancy. We are located in the Coastal mountains of Oregon but have traveled a bit.

We are also quite busy and unable to answer all the comments on our shots, but please know that we truly appreciate all feedback, constructive or perhaps even complimentary. When we do make a comment on one of your shots, we are not fishing for return comments. There is such a large amount of fantastic work on RB and it is impossible to comment on each and every one that catches our eyes.

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Sorry it is taking me so long to get a chance to view all the works of this group of fantastic artists and comment on them. / Been rather busy of late with the series of storms that have been hitting us .. and I’m not the fastest learner either. / Please don’t think I’m ignoring anyone, I miss seeing the works presented here, and one of these days will be able to spend more than…
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