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Corrimal, Australia

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If you press my belly I squeak….I have gas you see…

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100 000+ Views! 300+ Sales!!

WOW!!! / I checked my status recently & nearly fell off my chair! I haven’t been on the Bubble as much recently (having a baby kinda does this to your life) and couldn’t believe it! Over 100 000 view and 310 sales! / My sincerest thanks to all who have taken interest in my work over the last 2 years (tears) & I look forward to more Bubbling with you in the future. / Merry Chri…
Posted over 4 years – 24 comments

No more Ice Cream

It has been brought to my attention that my Icecream Headache design has been done before. / I have therefore made the decision to remove it as it is not completely my own. This was difficult because in less than 24 hours it received over 230 views, 15 comments, 10 favorites and was Featured. I hold pride in that my work is my own and I could not keep it there with a clean conscious. / Thanks f…
Posted almost 6 years – 9 comments

Hey Big Spender!

To whoever bought 7 shirts in one hit – THANKS! / You also get a free hug included in your purchase :) / Oran
Posted about 6 years – 10 comments

10 000 Views!

Wow 10 000 shirt views! What a mile stone! / To think that just 3 months ago only my family & friends had seen my pictures and now thousands of people from all over the world have let my stuff cross their peepers. / This is truly an honour. / Thanks to everyone who has viewed my work / An even bigger thank you to everyone who has favourited my pictures / A huge thanks to all who have added …
Posted about 6 years – 13 comments