It seems 3 years here has granted me over 100,000 profile views. Thanks to everyone reading this for viewing my work, commenting, giving feedback, and hopefully enjoying :)


  • kevin chippindall
    kevin chippindallover 3 years ago

    allways a pleasure to veiw your work mate ………………….cheers kev

  • Cheers Kev!

    – Jason Asher

  • Kym Howard
    Kym Howardover 3 years ago

    Congrats Jason like Kev it is great viewing

  • Thanks Kym, always a pleasure :)

    – Jason Asher

  • pgmART
    pgmARTover 3 years ago

    very very jealous, though without sufficient cash for a hit, you’re safe for now.

  • Haha cheers you cheeky bastard :P

    – Jason Asher

  • Doug Dawson
    Doug Dawsonover 3 years ago

    Hey thats brilliant mate, well done Jason!!

  • Cheers mate :)

    – Jason Asher

  • bazcelt
    bazceltover 3 years ago

    Congrats mate, well deserved too!!!!

  • Thanks mate, glad you think so – it’s much appreciated!

    – Jason Asher

  • Matthew Stewart
    Matthew Stewartover 3 years ago

    Well done mate. Thanks for all your advice of late, very handy.

  • Thanks man, and not a problem – you’ve been helpful to me (and an inspiration) in the past also :D I know you probably prefer going solo when you shoot, (like myself), but we really oughta grab a sunrise or something sometime mate! Have a sweet tassie trip.

    – Jason Asher

  • Andrew Paranavitana
    Andrew Paranav...over 3 years ago

    Awesome mate! That’s a milestone and a half, well done!!

  • Cheers parms! Let’s see if it takes another 3 years to get to 200,000.

    – Jason Asher

  • Fstop
    Fstopover 3 years ago

    How do you tell how many profile views? If your after a big number you will probably find 500px will take you past there in a big hurry, not sure where the traffic comes from but the numbers shure tick over fast.

  • Hey mate. Just click the “art” tab on the left column on the mybubble page, then the number of works you have upload and total views are listed at the top. I haven’t had much traffic with 500px yet, but then I’m new, and I haven’t spent much time networking with other ’togs yet either.

    – Jason Asher

  • Fstop
    Fstopover 3 years ago

    Sorry Mate, I thought you were talking about people that looked at just your profile- not total views. Even I can work that out LOL!

    Good thing about 500px is you don’t need to network to be out there. All new work gets a run in fresh and is there for all users to see- not served up by watchlist preferences or group features (like the activity feed here) If people like it they vote and it moves through to popular.

    The thing is you can’t really network to improve traffic, you can just try and take better photo’s. I am totally out of my depth there (new also) at the moment. But there is so many seriously inspiring artists there that I can only hope to improve. it’s a huge challenge and great fun.


  • Agreed on that last, I like that the medium is reduced to just the image, like it should be. Red bubble used to have a similar thing to fresh with 500px which was quite good, that’s when I actually went out of my way here to find new artists, but with the site changes over the last year or two it’s just not as functional as it used to be.

    – Jason Asher