RedBubble 2008 - 365 days of Plasticine, T-Shirts and Emails

I only noticed it was nearly Christmas on Monday, which was fortunate for many reasons relating to sanity, but it does mean that I don’t have any presents for anyone. Don’t get your hopes up.
It’s been quite a bizarre year, dangerously busy as ever, extremely quick, and, now that I live in London again, extraordinarily expensive.
But an awful lot of fun, and that’s the main thing eh.

Now onto the questions that Nat kickstarted……and feel free to copy and paste them and write your own 2008 journal.

State your name and your business

Tell us what you consider to be your RedBubble highlight for the year

Christmas tune that you would ban for life and why

Damien Hirst and Keith Allen in one place? Should be illegal.

Funniest comment you’ve seen o

Double Earnings? Yes Please.

It’s been one magnificent whizzbanger of a year, and as we reach the final straight we thought now was a good time to pause and say thank you. Thanks for being who you are, for doing what you do, we wouldn’t be here without you and your marvellous imaginations.

So now we’re going to Double Your Earnings!

Any sale you make over the next 3 days will earn you double your margin, up to a maximum 20%. It all happens automatically but if you want to know how it works you can find some details below.

With the holidays on the horizon, and the chance of earning some extra coin, there really hasn’t been a better time to go and remind your boss, your neighbours and your pet tortoise that you’re here, you’ve got some excellent art and you’re willing to sell i

Memetic Art

Yesterday the infamous artist formerly known as Resisto unleashed his RES-101 on an unsuspecting community, not only giving us a look at this new and bold creation, but in the true spirit of copyleft, handing over the instructions for all and sundry to assist in the creation of a wind-up army.

Having no intention of ever really growing up, I couldn’t think of a better way to pass an hour than to build a big cardboard robot, actually I made it slightly bigger than it was, but only because as you can see my desk hasn’t improved much since the Melbourne days, and RES-101 would have a lot to contend with. In fact, I popped out later on for a copy of ‘Fly Fishing’ by J R Hartley and when I came back RES has escaped the clutter and was trying to shin over the back wall.

A Lonely Planet In the Middle of Nothingness

It was March 2005, somewhere near St Kilda. I was sitting in a room, on a sofa propped on milk crates, staring at the ceiling. Around my neck was a Philadelphia collar and in my hand was a bottle of gin. The collar was the only sign that I had recently broken my C1, 2 & T1 the gin was to stop me thinking about it. I was staring at the ceiling because it was reasonably tricky to stare anywhere else. I sat quietly contemplating my future. Next to me was a chap called Christopher Lansell, Crispy to his comrades, whom I’d known about 8 minutes. He started talking about some things, wild, imaginative things, I started to reply, and back he came with more, this went on quite successfully for a while. One of these crazy things was an idea he’d been playing with to install a 1:1…


Yeah, so the ‘e’ and the ‘i’ look pretty weird without a ‘c’ in front of them, but if you can get past that, and your disappointment that the local Optus store has run out of already obsolete iPhones, then you should be well up for some SAVING LIVES type goodness.

In the shape of Skateistan which is a couple of Aussie aid workers in Afghanistan teaching kids skateboarding, English and life skills in order to, (and I quote RB’s original cranky old man):
a) Keep them away from terrorist training camps
b) Educate them that westerners aren’t all bad
c) Help some of the most underprivileged kids on the planet

You can’t argue with this one I’m afraid, so don’t even try, because you see, to plagerise aforementioned old man, invading …

Powerstations and Plastic Balls

Battersea Power Station is clearly the finest structure in London, forget Apsley House, you want imposing might, you can’t go further than Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s magnificent Art Deco monolith of brick.
So he had a stab at the telephone box, and Bankside (or the Tate Modern) is alright, but those four chimney’s rising from clutter of terraces and railway sidings strike an imposing figure over the city skyline. And it’s not surprising, it’s the largest brick building in Europe.
From Pink Floyd to Children of Men, via The Beatles and The Dark Knight, it is scorched into our modern cultural psyche, the Bank of England burnt tens of thousands of pounds in the furnaces there when they thought the Bosch were about to conquer us during WW2. Meanwhile the RAF were u…

If you don't tidy your spray cans you won't get any dinner.

A couple of days before I turned up back in London, the infamous Banksy had organised a big stencil-off in a cul-de-sac underneath Waterloo Station called Leake Street. But that is not the point of this tale.

I found out about this because a friend, Rugman, or Anthony to his mates had been asked by Banksy to do some work there, he’s a wizard with a stencil and has a penchant for clowns with guns. But that is not the point of this tale.

I went down to check them out, the main street had large artworks by some well know street vandals, and down the end there were literally hundreds of stencils, reminiscent of a Brunswick backstreet, but not so common in London with our heavy hand at installing CCTV. There had been some seriously talented people at work in this dank underpass. But that…

Blue Giant

Oh, I completely forgot to tell you all about this.

Shortly before I left Melbourne for a more sensible climate, my better half surprised the crap out of me with a helicopter ride to check out some Blue whales feeding on krill off the south coast of Victoria.

There are a few places in the world one can go check out whales, Humpbacks and such, but there are very few places you can see a Blue, so this really was quite magnificent.

Actually just the ride in the chopper was pretty ace. I’d recommend this.

Of course the one thing you can’t really guage from this is the scale of these beasts, so I have prepared this accurate image to make it more obvious.

Go see them before the Japanese put them all in little cans.

The Eden Project

For all of those of you who can get to Cornwall, or perhaps are already there, I totally recommend this here Eden Project gubbins, it’s the largest biome in the world apparently, and asides from wandering the domes, through African, Malaysian, South American climates and on to the Mediterranean, even the shop reveals mad delights.

Pencils made from old CD cases, or car parts, bags made from sweet packets, mousemats from circuit boards (they were fantastic) and, um, cacti. Which I think had always been cacti.

They also had this W.E.E.E. chap, (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) 3.3 tonnes of things incredibly well designed to be obsolete soon enough, apparently that’s what an average human throws out in a year. He was massive and his teeth were made from old comp…

That's my Granny up there on that bike with wings.......

…..sang Billy Connolly on the theme tune to Supergran in 1985, well my Gran doesn’t have a flying bike, but she totally ripped it up at the esteemed Goodwood racecourse in a Lamborghini, a Ferrari and a Porker (not pictured, because they suck).

She clocked up 135mph on the straights, that’s 217kmh in new money.

She’s 90, in fact, she’s well into her 90s. And she makes awesome raspberry jam.

She has the lifeforce, and I have her haircut, so by my reckoning I’ll be powering a Bugatti Veyron round the M25 in another 62 years.

(My Gran is not called Beryl, in case the colloquialism escapes you)

Naked And Nonchalant

Welcome back hello and yes. One other thing before I get back to my Lego set, we found this on a betamax in our neighbour’s bin (Dave was hungry or something) anyway we thought we’d share it with you. But you’ll need your volume up.

If you can spot the lovely ThickBlackOutline sticker you win nothing, because it’s massively obvious.

Please feel free to embed this in your blog/site etc etc

I’d quickly like to thank a man called Craig and a man called John, for being extremely helpful people. May Zeus shower you with goodness.

tee minister

Stitched 9 - More new stuff than you can shake a stick at.

Good hello and morning. There are an awful lot of exciting tee things happening this week, so I shall cut right to the chase and not bother trying to woo you with a comedy intro.

We now have an Extra Small Vee Neck option, as you remember the vee is the same size as the standard unisex, so we have an XS version to match the Small Girly Fitted tee.

We have also added some bright new colours, namely:

Kelly Green
In the unisex and girly tee range. And:
Royal Blue
In the longsleeve range.

And if that weren’t enough, we also have the launch of our ‘time limited’ organic screenprint tee, heralding a possible new direction for us, go here and buy before you kick yourself you have two weeks.
I’m very much looking forward to the feedback and thought…

How to earn $100 on the internet!

Yes, $100. But first you have to check out these marvellous Buyers’ Booth winners. Unless you can think of any other way of getting to the bottom of the page.

I’m just going to report the comment I left on this: “Top right needs a caption like: “While I’m OK with you using my cuteness for your own personal financial gain you must understand I’m a busy man with companies to run and also when I’m older I’m going to put you in a home and spend your pension on women and hats.” $30 coming your way sjem, hide it from the child.

Normally when people are disappearing under a pile of (splendid) art produce in some kind of OHS nightmare they don’t smile. Not the case with dear Mieke Boynton at all, perhaps she just noticed she hadn’t finished unpacking that frame b…

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