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April the 21st was international Record Store Day. I won’t get into the slight paradox about how this was a splendid invention to excite people about tangible music purchases as well as helping support local wax emporiums that has simply become fertile ground for struggling record companies to constantly re-release very expensive albums and unnecessary singles in a desperate attempt to cling on for another years trading. No, I won’t mention that because I am fine with it. In fact I love the absurdity of it. Chill out peoples, we’re all just filling in time until we die. Metallica album reissue with one track per vinyl? Love it. Black Keys reissue LPs at 45rpm instead of 33/3? Bring it on. Jack White 12" singles with liquid inside? Oh yes, hang on what? Liquid?

Yes. Before The Flaming Lips made the human blood version of Heady Fwends, Ben Blackwell of the Third Man Records dreamatorium had come up with a thoroughly unstable piece of vinyl madness. A record, with liquid in it. Pretty much too fragile to do anything with except hold tentatively, most owners decided to frame theirs. A sensible option. However I felt that a stationary frame might not do justice to such a peculiar artefact. So I whipped out the fucking sticky tape and McGyvered myself something to equal it in thorough pointlessness.

I also made a video of it actually moving because it’s the sort of thing that needs motion. It’s not, um, entirely gripping though:

Betterer in HD.

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