White Line Fever

I haven’t made any animations for over a year because they are a bit time heavy and currently I’m a bit time sensitive. This has mainly made me feel totally shit and slightly frustrated, so to cheer myself up I’ve made a completely unwatchable video of a recent road trip.

In March I drove from San Francisco to New York with the missus, it was unbelievably good fun and we’re already planning on doing it again with a slightly different route. We mounted a camera on the dashboard and took a photo every 30 seconds when we were on the road. If I’d made it last 6 minutes you can see what is actually going on and you don’t feel like you’re about to fit. But 6 minutes was boring even for me, and I was there. So I made it last 2 minutes:

If you really want to make yourself car sick I’d recommend the fullscreen 1080HD version. It has nice hectic sound too.

For the terminally bored, this is the approximate route although Google Maps started freaking out a bit so the last half isn’t quite as detailed.

And because you can’t really see anything in the video, here are some stills in no particular order:

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