Black & Blue

The seven and a half people who avidly follow my work may recall I made two animations earlier this year for Third Man records and The White Stripes respectively. Well, unsurprisingly, there was a final part, however Laura Marling selfishly got in the way. As the buzz from that subsides I can uncover the final installment in the Third Man Stop Motion Triptych. It’s been in the wings for a while but is only now going live.

It’s a bit of an odd one, as it’s advertising their process of recording live shows in Nashville TN direct to tape. There’s a pause in the show while they change reels and they can only play for 45 minutes or so. Afterwards, the attendees, of which there are never more than 300, head round to the store and hand over ~$18. A month or so later they get a split black & blue 12" pressing of the actual show, which is sold no where else. Also they don’t allow cameras in, which I think is particularly excellent. The Tesla Wardenclyffe tower is regularly used by them as a logo of sorts, hence it’s appearance here as ‘Dex’.

Anyway, here it is, again there’s an HD version if you wish.

And in case you missed last week’s:
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