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Stop Motion and Wax Fetish

Oh I have gone and made a new White Stripes animation y’all…………….

Although I seriously recommend you go watch the widescreen HD version. Because, well otherwise I might well have not bothered doing it in HD eh. Hit the arrows and make it 720. And that’s all animated, the footage is really just bits of printed card.

In other, less exciting news, Third Man Records had another vinyl love fest. (Yes this has happened before.) Only this time it was in Austin Texas at SXSW, so they reissued every 7" from the back catalogue plus two Stripes LPs and a Raconteurs LP in Texas Sized Vinyl. That’s 8" and 13" records for the confused, ’Y’alls turntables ain’t big enough.’

And they did it at Franks, a quite excellent gourmet (?) hotdog and beer joint. In fact they even made a ltd. edition White Stripes hotdog. Really it was a massive nerd fest.

That be Jack White’s nephew Ben Blackwell, owner of Cass Records, drummer from The Dirtbombs. ^

All these shots are from my light leaky Yashica, so, well, there’s lots of light leak. 35mm 200 ISO Kodak. They also had a branding station, being in Texas, so I got them to brand my notebooks:

I came home with enough vinyl and stunning Rob Jones screenprints to seriously make my other half wonder if she’d made the right decision.


  • jemimalovesbigted
    jemimalovesbigtedalmost 5 years ago

    that is absolutely stupendous… your stop motion skills are really amazing… I am teaching a bunch of year 11 students at the moment how to do stop motion, would you mind if I showed them your vid?? I figure not cause its on youtube, but would love to know what you put it together in… we have been using MonkeyJam which seems to work a treat – simple, free, doesn’t break the computers…

  • Of course you can. Please show them all my vids and tell them where they can convert their praise into cash and post it to me. No but seriously I am all up for getting kids making stop motion, can I send you any stills from it or anything? Or ‘behind the scenes’ gubbins? The world would be a happier place if we were all indoors stop motioning.

    – onetonshadow

  • Danny
    Dannyalmost 5 years ago

    Are you shitting me?
    Did you screen capture all that live footage then animate it one shot at a time?
    If you did, I offer my congratulations for a job very well done.

  • Am I not shitting you no, look here:

    And I made the spinny table with some old Stranglers and Shamen records.

    – onetonshadow

  • Juilee  Pryor
    Juilee Pryoralmost 5 years ago

    wow amazing well done

  • Danny
    Dannyalmost 5 years ago

    I hope it wasn’t Rattus Norvegicus, I liked that one.
    You are a genius, but already acknowledge that

  • Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinsonalmost 5 years ago

    And I thought I was committed to long term projects..

    I don`t know how you find the time, energy or creative skill, but I`m glad you do.

  • sasufi
    sasufialmost 5 years ago

    You are extremely talented at this. I wish I could find some time to even try!

  • jemimalovesbigted
    jemimalovesbigtedalmost 5 years ago

    yeah sure if you are up for it!! I will bmail you my email address if you like. mostly would love to know what programs you used and those cool little details of how many stills it took etc… oh and how you did the uber awesome effect of the film reels spinning. Legend… and thanks.

  • Yeah the spinning film reels was a last minute decision that paid off quite dramatically.

    – onetonshadow

  • rubyred
    rubyredalmost 5 years ago

    Well, that is just too much awesome for one morning, I’ll have to switch off now. Amazing.

  • nofrillsart
    nofrillsartalmost 5 years ago

    Excellent work mate…just stunning.

  • mingtees
    mingteesalmost 5 years ago

    Ed – Jaw droppingly awesome. May i post this vid from youtube on a music blog i participate on?

  • Why of course. I’d encourage such behaviour.

    – onetonshadow