Stitched 4 - NewsPipe for Designers and TeeHeads

We’re really taunting you here, it’s so close you can taste it….

Here’s an excellent read, it’s an interview with former DemoStore winner and RedBubble design wizard Nick Ford. He’s good you know, and he wants Mike Patton to come to dinner. Mentalist.

And look….. but shhh, but don’t actually shhh, get excited instead.

Here’s a man who knows all about self promotion, NoFrillsArt, and I bet it’s helping his sales too. I’m going to send him US$10, that’ll help and all.

If you go over here in the Tee HQ forums you can see how blueskydesigns got from this:

…to this…

…using only INFINITE SKILL. Check it.

You should have seen this by now, if not, marvel….

Don’t forget, if there’s a shirt you want to throw praise on, an interview you’ve written, a tutorial you want to give, or some comedy words you want to thrust unwittingly into the public, let us know, and we’ll give you stuff and make you famous.

Big up to Cathie T and the Tee HQ Group for assistance this week. Keep it coming.

Watchlist and don’t miss a NewsFact again.

Now, what cool shit have we forgotten?


  • Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinsonabout 4 years ago

    I see a back print.
    I see a hood print.

    I see exciting times ahead.

  • jumpy
    jumpyabout 4 years ago

    well well well its exciting times

  • mingtees
    mingteesabout 4 years ago

    ooh, ooh!

  • yanmos
    yanmosabout 4 years ago


  • Vinko
    Vinkoabout 4 years ago

    Looking good for the future with those new prints. Just need to get some tee designs back on the frontpage!

  • Johdie Fairweather
    Johdie Fairwea...about 4 years ago

    Can’t wait for hoods, I’m getting a little cold. :)

  • nofrillsart
    nofrillsartabout 4 years ago

    That hoodie looks like it wouls be awesome. Hints on price point for hoodies?
    ps- thanks for the cashola.

  • Yes, it will be with you shortly.

    – onetonshadow

  • nofrillsart
    nofrillsartabout 4 years ago

    ’ would ’ be awesome…sorry i was a bit excited.

  • samedog
    samedogabout 4 years ago

    I like what I see, just had to update a One Monster Protest that was started in 2008.

  • Oh that’s good, we won’t be launching with front and back mind you, please don’t shout at me, but to start it’ll be either or. This however is a necessary step in that direction.

    – onetonshadow

  • matthewdunnart
    matthewdunnartabout 4 years ago

    I think my head may collapse with excitement when the hoodies are available :-)

  • Hopefully not, because without a head I fear a hoodie will not be helpful.

    – onetonshadow