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Stitched Two Point Oh Actually Lets Just Start Again At Issue One

Hello! We’re back, we’ve had a shave and we’re ready to welcome the hordes of masterful t-shirt designers that have appeared while we were changing our socks.

This is where you’ll find any and all apparel related news, reviews, inspiration, tips’n’tricks and various other nonsense happening on RedBubble. But consider this the pilot episode, it’s a bit hectic, they’ll be loads of storylines that never quite take off, and a bunch we haven’t yet thought of. Stick with us, it’s going to be epic.

One major change is we want lots of input from tee manics all over redbubble, that’s you that is, so if you have an idea for a bit of editorial, a tutorial, or any other sort of orial then drop me a line.

Right let’s get on with this.

Tee previews are clearly on everyone’s lips right now, but I’m not going to talk about them again, because I already did over here, under normal circumstance this is where we would have done so. Of course if you have any questions feel free to ask away.

The Tee HQ group is having a Black & White challenge, so if you’re a monochromatic mentalist you really should sign up. They’re even giving cash away.

And props to mais2 and shanmclean who have both been featured in the latest HideYourArms post about food related cotton. Nothing like a bit of internet publicity. Good work peoples.

Here’s an exciting new thing, it’s a weekly review, by you, of a shirt you just love. It’s not a complicated concept, so I’ll just say send me reviews and to kick start us this week I overhead our renegade tech-head Georg saying ‘awesome’ about this shirt, so he get’s the debut spot and I’m going to give him a badge or three.

In depth critique of Pirata’s Salvador Dalek by Georg: ‘Awesome.’

Right, cheers Georg, send us words people, more words than that preferably.

Making tees is hard work you know, and all these Adobetron programs are complicated, most of the shirts I see here I wouldn’t have the first idea how to make, so we’re going to get clever people to show you. Like rubyred, he knows his vectors from his vacuum cleaners, let him spread the wealth.

Using line weight to add interest and depth

Okay, first things first, we’re not talking about fishing here, where I believe line weight is also a very important issue. Line weight in brief, is the thickness of your lines used to make up an illustration. Varied line weight is using thick lines (more weight) and thin lines (less weight), it all sounds very exciting doesn’t it?

Objects that you want to appear closer to the viewer should be made up of heavier or thicker lines. To send something into the distance, use thinner lines and less detail. You see an example of this in the section below of my ‘Digital Killed…’ design. The outside lines or edges, are also normally thicker than the inside lines in a lot of my work.

Personally, I like the combination of line based illustration with halftone shading for tone and form. They are both very nice graphic tools that work really well for t-shirt design and can be seen widely here on RedBubble, where there are many masters of great linework. So to sum up, add more interest and character to your designs by playing with the weight of lines you use, it’s the extra little touches and considerations that may make all the difference!

Got a hint? Want to know how something’s done? Let me know, I might send you some excellent badges.

While Mr Baxter is messing around like some inconsequential lark with all your comedy Buyers’ Booth images, I thought we’d take a more serious approach to the situation. You’re here for a whole bunch of reasons, see friends, get inspiration, to keep you from stealing your neighbours apples, whatever. But one fundamental is you want to sell stuff, and you ain’t going to sell stuff unless you promote yourself, and to help do that you need to make completely brilliant promo shots like these:

So, grab one of your designs, whip up some mighty fine promotional material, upload to Buyers’ Booth, images and let me know. If we dig it we might send you cash, Baxter might too, but what we definitely will do is get your shot here and on the homepage. Can’t say fairer than that.

Now, there’s a lot to digest here, so we’ll shut up for a minute, but get your thinking caps on, we want to hear some ideas.


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