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I helped a friend with some typography and general painting of his house on Johnston St. in Fitzroy to transform it into a pop-up shop. Opened today and will be open tomorrow while the Spanish festival is on. It may be open after that or it may never be seen again by mankind. Rather depends on whether you come down and say hello. / And yes, it’s bad German grammar, but it’s good comed…
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Liquid Filled Nonsense™

April the 21st was international Record Store Day. I won’t get into the slight paradox about how this was a splendid invention to excite people about tangible music purchases as well as helping support local wax emporiums that has simply become fertile ground for struggling record companies to constantly re-release very expensive albums and unnecessary singles in a desperate attempt to clin…
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White Line Fever

I haven’t made any animations for over a year because they are a bit time heavy and currently I’m a bit time sensitive. This has mainly made me feel totally shit and slightly frustrated, so to cheer myself up I’ve made a completely unwatchable video of a recent road trip. / In March I drove from San Francisco to New York with the missus, it was unbelievably good fun and we’…
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& - Part 2: Ampercrete

Last Christmas I was suffering from a severe and life threatening case of ‘not having made anything real with my hands for ages’. So I thought I’d make a concrete ampersand. Because I like ampersands a lot and I’d never done anything with concrete except complain about its use in modern architecture. / That’s it really, not very complex. The ampersand is Interstate b…
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