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I am an artist; I paint with discourse.

Taboo is my favorite subject.

I am a member of a multiple system. I am not Tyler Durton, Dr. Jekle, or Mr. Hyde.

I am a genderqueer. I disrupt gender status. This is a testament to nature, to biology, to neurology: the ability to be expressively varied and to stop gender violence.

If we must order, let us revise and revise and revise until the violence is much less.

“If a space is not safe for one group, it is not safe for any group; because, at such a time, we all become members of a suspect population.”

Some expectations are birthed from that which has been regularly encountered. The self is not regular, not seamless. So, when I am able, I will stand naked with the self. Encounter it regularly. Create another safe space.

I have become a different kind of writer than I had imagined I would when I was 11, though, not entirely.

Please note, I enjoy sincere feedback, including the ever helpful critique.

All my work is subject to international copyright legislation and may not be copied, reproduced or altered in any way without my permission. (Thanks Ellcot)

  • Age: 32
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Adulthood is arbitrary. Though, who has not thought about it as something tangible, something objective? / I am 28. And these are my arbitrary feelings about adulthood. / Its mystique, is the weight of a million outside expectations and judgments. / In terms of contemplating adulthood, I think the most important question I’ve ever asked myself was what kind of adult I wanted to be, rather than if…
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Summer flux

for it bein’ summer, i’m sleepin’ way too damn much. wtf? I wanna feel the heat on my face, the blue sky burning into my blue eyes, feel the grass and gravel crunchin’ under foot while i walk into the next adventure. / yeah, single now. it’s cool. i’ve found a lot’a peace here. sides, still got my best friend and wow, what an amazing friend right?! fuck y…
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culture as paradigm/worldview

There seems to be a lot of debate about how to define “culture”. A similarity among these debates is differentiation between groups of people. I’ll someday do a literature on definitions of culture. For now, I am thinking along paradigms of worldviews joining customs and ideologies into systems of norms. I like this idea of paradigms, it allows for subcultures and counter-cultur…
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Just me and Missy

Tonight I went out searching / on that hill above the ocean / just behind my eyes / shutting them to feel the breeze / the sun warmed afternoon / in the salty air / I gather on the rocks / until tonight calls me back / to the papers on my desk / to the dim lamp light / the song ends / leaving this loud, loud silence
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