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I love working in a wide selection of media including pencil and charcoal portraits, pen and ink illustrations, watercolor painting, digital media, paper crafting, and photography.

My work focuses on fantastical as well as conceptual imagery, nature, and portraiture. I love miniature objects, things that bring smiles, small delights, and everything from minimal to complex designs. I enjoy variety in arts and crafts.

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Buy a t-shirt (or an equivalently or higher priced item) from my Redbubble account, and I’ll mail you a free Pipsqueak mini monster sketch card. Just note me with what you purchased, and your address, and I’ll send you one by mail. / You can see some of the Pipsqueaks here: / https://www.etsy.com/shop/CreativeCoincidence / Thank you for your support!
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Recent Sales

Thank you so much for the recent sales! / T-Shirts, greeting cards, stickers, etc… / ❤❤❤
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November Sales

Thank you for your continued support! / Art prints, t-shirts, and greeting cards that have been purchased this month:
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Thank You!

I sold another Murder of Crows sticker. / Thank you!
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