Food For Thought

Some musings I put together as quotations that can also be seen on

These are really just jottings I do when I want to put my thoughts on paper from time to time…

“If I had to do it over again I think I’d be a musician. I can spend days, weeks, months and years on an artwork. The audience gives a passing glance or will be mesmerized enough to stare for several moments. At best put my work on a wall and see it in passing everyday and once in awhile stop to ponder for a few moments. But if I were a musician I could have a multitude of people enraptured for hours each in their own abstract perceptions. I would hear applause. I would feel vindicated.”

“Some people say that artists that create fakes of masterpieces are so talented they could do so well doing their own works. Well I submit to you that they may be technically fine but they lack the imagination, soul, feeling and fortitude to produce their own works. For they are fakes producing fakes of nothing of their own.”

“They say the world is a ghetto. Well then these trees must be high-rise tenements, the streams are sewers, the lakes cesspools and these hills are cheap motels.”

“Some people equate being poor with ignorance. Well I’d rather be dirt poor than have that kind of ignorance.”

“Some people call me mindless and that’s just fine with me. I know it makes them a little more mindful.”

“I don’t have a basket and I may not have an egg. But, I sure as hell have a mouth. Even though I might not have any food to eat, I’ve got a whole lot to spit out.”

“I asked myself ‘what is life?’ Then I heard a deep low voice from within that said, ‘I don’t know. What the hell ya askin’ me for.’”

“I was wandering about the wonder when I wondered where is it that I wander.”

“The truth is there is no truth. Therefore I am an honest man.”

“No matter what our station in life. What we have or don’t have. We all strive inside to be one thing. To be one of the good, simple, common folk. At least that’s what I would hope we all aspire to be. I know I’ve been struggling my whole life to accomplish that lofty goal and great achievement.”

“When I am alone (as I often am) and I sit and create my art it is a form of exercise. It is an exercise in silent desperation. Desperate for life, desperate for fulfillment, desperate for expression, desperate for divine intervention.”

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