Born in South Bohemia/Czech republic, spent some 13 years in carmelite monastery in Austria, university degrees in biology (Prague, 1992) and theology (Linz, 2005), since 2005 living in Finland. Freelance photographer and never ending student of photography.

I love wild nature, spiritual space of old christian/monastic liturgy and the contemplative dimension of life…but also communication with people, sports and need a bit “craziness” in life…

In this porfolio I am going to show You some of my floral photographs. ENJOY :)

BTW. You are invited to visit my flowerphotobank HORTULUS , where it is possible to purchase also the original files of the images. It uses the great services of Photoshelter .

Another place to see and/or purchase products of my floral photos is my ZAZZLE store.

Feel also free to get fan of my floral photos or just visit my facebook page

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Thank You!

A big thank You to the buyer of a throw pillow with my three red gerberas! I wish You to enjoy it a lot! / br, Olda
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Thankx for Sale

Many thanks to jayview for buying my postcard :) / Olda
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Postcard sale :)

A huge THANKS to unknown buyer for purchasing this postcard: / Olda :)
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Sales of cards:)

A huge THANKS to unknown buyer(s) for purchasing these 9 postcards: / Olda :)
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