Eugene, United States

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The view finder inspires me to look closer, to pay attention to subtle changes in light, color and texture. The slightest movement catches my eye with hope to capture and preserve magical moments the natural world can reveal. I choose to look for the beautiful, the wondrous, the once in a life time unique experiences anyone can find if you are open to find them. My intention is not to create a masterpiece but to show others the masterpieces to be found when you take the time breath deep, to be still and to notice the gifts our world has to offer.

Photography initially was a means to study light, form and color to be interpreted in my quilting art. My collection of images have taken on their own portfolio and body of artistic expression. I have been awarded honors for both art quilting and photography.
I began taking pictures in 2005 when I got a free 3 megapixel digital camera bundeled with a computer. Not long there after I was awarded Photographer of the Year from Emerald Photographic Society, using a point and shoot camera! The title and fellowship with other photographers inspired me to go SLR and get serious about photography and editing techniques. I have had images published with National Geographic, National Wildlife refuge library and local publications.
The rest of the time I am a full time Special Education Teacher.

  • Joined: January 2012