Oil Water Artt was born in a dining room gallery in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. What started as a hobby quickly turned into something bigger. Currently, Oil Water Artt has paintings all over Canada. They’ve participated in several art shows. They have had their art recognized by popular musicians.

While Oil Water Artt has been primarily paintings, Heather also takes pride in her photography. This portfolio is dedicated to just the photography side of Oil Water Artt.

Please feel free to leave any and all comments. Criticism is not only welcome, but deeply encouraged and greatly appreciated, since after-all, everyone is here to learn from one another. :)


If you’re interested in seeing some of my paintings, check me out on facebook. www.facebook.com/oil.water

Also, add me and sign up for Zurker here: http://www.zurker.ca/i-9569-cmixwkpdoy

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Thank yous!

Thank you, thank you, thank you sooo much for all the positive comments and features I’ve gotten since I’ve joined Red Bubble! :) it just makes my day when I jump on here and find that people actually like my photos! :D / Again, thank you all so much for your interest and support! :)
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