I live in that middle of nowhere everyone talks about…Closest store’s about a 20 mile roundtrip…Work’s a 90 mile one. Living out here in the country means that most – if not all – my photos are rural-flavored…but that’s okay with me. I don’t miss city life one bit. Photography is only a hobby for me, now. When I was a Crime Scene Investigator, it was a job. I enjoy the hobby aspect more. Hope you like what I’ve found out there. Your comments mean more to me than ANY prizes or awards could…Sharing these is what I like most! :)) Thanks!


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An Angry Word to My Friends on RB

Just so you all know, RB’s decision to not support Explorer 8 – yet another feather in RB’s hat – means that I can no longer vote for your challenge entries, comment on your work or reply to your comments/bubblemails. I can’t access RB from home – even though I have Explorer v.10 – because ANOTHER of RB’s feathers was to make the site COMPLETELY inc…
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Yet another RB snafu: The SHOW ALL button in my Groups Listing on the left side of my home page. Each time I click on it – instead of doing what it’s SUPPOSED to do – it takes me to the top of the page. Now I see why FAA’s and Viewbug’s ranks are growing. :(
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Just like a scab...

And Admin keeps pickin’ at it and pickin’ at it… / In addition to ALLLLLL the “wonderful” changes to this site that are SOOOOOOO dial-up U-N-F-R-I-E-N-D-L-Y….Now I have a new one to contend with.. / Every time I click on anything – ANYTHING – a little window pops up telling me that “This page is running a script that will make your computer ru…
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Thanks a BUNCH, RedBubble!

“This page requires fonts that need to be temporarily downloaded. This is usually safe. Do you want to allow these fonts to be downloaded?’ / Bad enough your format changes have slowed down my already-slow dial-up – which is all I can afford – but having to wait additional time for EACH AND EVERY PAGE I GO TO – INCLUDING MY OWN to download some assinine font so I can…
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