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Joined March 2008

Most of my photos are – more or less – sootc. I’ll tweak contrast and brightness on a few, or convert to sepia or...


Another Sale?

Looks like! A big THANK YOU to the person who purchased a 12 × 6 print of my WWII B-17 Bomber, titled: " 909 "! My sincere gratitude… and hope you enjoy your purchase! :))


Someone must have confused me with a REAL artist! :-p

A HUGE “Thank You!” to the Person who purchased a throw pillow emblazoned with my shot of the “Heavenly Hudson”. :)) I am honored…and I truly hope you enjoy it!

An Angry Word to My Friends on RB

Just so you all know, RB’s decision to not support Explorer 8 – yet another feather in RB’s hat – means that I can no longer vote for your challenge entries, comment on your work or reply to your comments/bubblemails. I can’t access RB from home – even though I have Explorer v.10 – because ANOTHER of RB’s feathers was to make the site COMPLETELY incompatible and accessible to anyone forced to use dial-up…which I am. I checked with our IT Department here at work about a possible upgrade, and was advised that it’s not expected in the near future. :( I’m still on FAA, though, for those of you that are also there. They. Still. Work. >:(…

I don’t think I can enter challenges, anymore, either. THANKS RB!!!!!

22 Jan – I find that I can comment on your new postings and reply to comments that you m


Yet another RB snafu: The SHOW ALL button in my Groups Listing on the left side of my home page. Each time I click on it – instead of doing what it’s SUPPOSED to do – it takes me to the top of the page. Now I see why FAA’s and Viewbug’s ranks are growing. :(

Just like a scab...

And Admin keeps pickin’ at it and pickin’ at it…

In addition to ALLLLLL the “wonderful” changes to this site that are SOOOOOOO dial-up U-N-F-R-I-E-N-D-L-Y….Now I have a new one to contend with..

Every time I click on anything – ANYTHING – a little window pops up telling me that “This page is running a script that will make your computer run slower and MAY make it unresponsive altogether! Do you wish to continue running this script?” So now I have to choose yes or no in THAT window, too…in addition to choosing yes or no in the &%$#ing download font window I’ve ALREADY complained about! And it’s the PAGE running this bad/bogus/confusing script…NOT MY COMPUTER…so it’s SOMEthing that RB did, because I’ve made NO changes – whatsoever – to ANYthing on my computer. :((

Bad Redbubble! BAD!!! :((

Thanks a BUNCH, RedBubble!

“This page requires fonts that need to be temporarily downloaded. This is usually safe. Do you want to allow these fonts to be downloaded?’

Bad enough your format changes have slowed down my already-slow dial-up – which is all I can afford – but having to wait additional time for EACH AND EVERY PAGE I GO TO – INCLUDING MY OWN to download some assinine font so I can view it…NOT very cool RB!

To my friends on here – I won’t be around much any longer (At least until the next unwarranted change by Administration). I’ll try to catch up with your posts from work – time permitting – where I don’t have to put up with unmitigated crap like this! :((

First Judged Contest

Well…my first foray into Judged Contests is over. Not that it was anything huge – The Illinois Farm Bureau’s 2011 Member’s Photo Contest.

There were 3 categories, with 1st, 2nd, and 3 Honorable Mentions in each of the 3. There were over 400 (I believe) photographs submitted from all over Illinois.

I received one of the Honorable Mention awards…For this photo: :))

Number SIX at NASA's Earth Science Site!!!

Today, my pic: ‘Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’…" (along with its long-lost brother), was featured on NASA’s Earth Science Site as their Picture Of The Day. This makes the sixth photo of mine to earn an “EPOD”! I am VERY honored and would very much like to acknowledge the assistance of NASA’s Editor, Jim Foster, and thank him for all his help and encouragement! :))

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