My 100th Sale Woot!!!!

I realized I made my 100th sale woot, I never thought I´d see this but it is true hard work and dedication does pay off remember that!:))) Thanks to everyone that has helped and puchased items from my store it has been an exiting experience to have a redbubble.

I will tell you how I started to sale on red bubble, one day I said to my self and wrote that I wanted to make money out of my art and that same day I found redbubble.

My new Hobbie

I´ve started to make art on bottle caps that I find laying around it is quite fun they end up looking like candy, I sale them as necklaces, I´ll post a tutorial on how to make them soonxxxx:)))))

WIP P1: A Casttle in the sky

I am building a casttle in the sky where I can freely fly where all my dreams come true and where I can touch the cloud where my demons can’t reach but where I can reach the stars you can come too as long as you are prepared to fly.

part 2 color comming soon.