Go Lions! (At Ript Apparrel)


One of my few parody designs has been picked up by a friendly little site (not anywhere as friendly as redbubble… ahem). So March 14th, 5pm Australian EST, this design will go live for 10 bucks a pop. Or shirt. I don’t think they sell pops.

When it goes live, it will be here at RIPT APPAREL.

Hopefully this’ll bring a few more people here to redbubble, too. It’s the first submission of mine that’s been picked up by a tee-a-day site, and might be one of about 6 you see in the next few weeks that won’t reference Charlie Sheen.

Dammit, now I’ve mentioned him.

Anyway, spread the word. If you or anyone close to you is in need a of a Voltron shirt, help is on the way.

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