I am a camera and lens tart! I have owned and sold many cameras and lenses. At present I have a Sony A7, a Olympus OM-D E-M1, and a Sony RX100 Mk2. The A7 and E-M1 are both compact system cameras and light weight. The A7 is a full frame and the E-M1 micro four thirds. The RX100 is a high spec compact.

Digital photography has made a huge difference, but I still like to use film occasionally and my favourite is a Yashica Mat 124g TLR. My previous Digital cameras include Canons EOS 20D, 40D, 5D MKI and MKII and Nikons D7000 and D3200. I got fed up with lugging around heavy camera kit often leaving it at home or in the car, and so I have gone compact and my results are just as good.

As for my photos themselves, I love the outdoors, landscapes, wildlife and gardens. Most of my work reflects this.

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