I am an enthusiastic photographer and have used cameras since I was a boy. Digital photography has made a huge difference, but I still like to use film as old habits die hard!. I have a number of cameras, both digital and film. I recently got fed up lugging around my Canon EOS 5D MKII and its accompanying heavy lenses, so I sold them off and now use Nikons D7000 and D3200, a Sony RX100M2 and a medium format film camera, a Yashica Mat 124g TLR.

The truth is that I am a camera tart and keep buying them to try them out. For example I owned a Samsung NX1000 for about a month. The 20mp sensor produced superb shots, but the processor was very slow and the camera style did not suit me personally. I am also a lens tart, and keep buying and selling lenses just to try them out. Old Nikons are a particular favourite. Recently I bought a Tokina AT-X 300mm f2.8 SD, a large heavy lens (so much for selling off the heavy canons). The photos it takes are a revelation, sharp bright and contrasty, every bit as good as Nikons.

As for my photos themselves, I love the outdoors, and most of my work reflects this.

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