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A Creative Native of Aotearoa (new Zealand).
o0OdemocrazyO0o is one creative facet of a ‘head in the clouds’ Pisces human who harbours a love of art, his family, music, computers, Wing Chun, evolution, funniness, literature, photography, animations, the universe and cheesecake… mmm..
Ask him stuff… colab? commission? bespoke products? cheesecake?

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Here are some pics of the my famwy you will help feed by buying my shirts & art… I’m the one in the hat, the smiley lady is my defacto love and the wee odd thing is my wee soul :{D>

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yay for being alive and in one peice

Christchurch and Democrazy 1 / Earthquake 0 / In your face earthquake… we thought you were bad but we bet you… pity you had to ruin so many lovely buildings tho.. / Peace to all…
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If I get enough feedback, I will voodoo justin bieber into another dimension!

Hello Boys and Girls, / I have an artwork up on that is in desperate need of some feedback (relax you don’t have to sympathy vote) Click on link if you can be arsed and make a comment thingy… / As you were… / Click here you groovy cats
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The Shocking Conclusion! *Survivor T-Shirt Losers* Episode One

Ladies and more ladies…. the least favorite T-shirt Loser for episode one of Survivor T-Shirt Losers is… / People Are People Man please go back to camp and pack your hemp bags… / Thank you, viewers, for voting… stay tune for Survivor T-Shirt Losers Episode Two… / Click to view the build up to this amazing conclusion!
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