I am a New Zealand based photographer. I do a lot of different types of photography rather than only sticking to one genre, I like to experiment and challenge myself.

When I first started with redbubble a few of months ago I put all my different genres of photography on a single redbubble account, I have since decided to split them up into separate accounts for each genre.

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I tend to shoot with models in a similar way that I would shoot landscapes in the respect that I like to use the beautiful light at the beginning or the end of the day rather than shooting in the middle of the day, but my favourite time for shooting with models is at night under a moonlit sky, the combination of long exposures and moonlight softens the look of the skin incredibly well.

I am currently experimenting with a series using some of the thermal areas New Zealand has in abundance as locations for my night shoots, the great things about using these thermal areas for night shots are that, 1: the models are much more comfortable when immersed in warm water and so it is easier for them to stay still for 30-60second long exposures and, 2: the moonlight creates a magical atmosphere where it shines through the steam coming off the warm water.

Another project that I have in mind which I will start experimenting with over time as funds allow is to do a series using some of New Zealands iconic landscapes as backdrops.

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