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The wealth of great art on this site has been a real inspiration and just the ‘kick up the ass’ I needed to start putting passion into my photography. I try to keep things simple using a Fujifilm bridge camera with a polariser stuck on the end of it most of the time. Spot metering is increasingly the default setting for my shots, with digital now doing away with a lot of the guess work. Processing is kept to a minimum, as a rule only applying changes which could be made in the dark room.

I am moved by light. I never cease to marvel at its influence. I love the way the most mundane of scenes can be transformed in an instant…and this is what I strive to capture.

Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to view and comment on my work. Also lets have three cheers for the group hosts who gel the community together and challenge us to make better art.


Oh, and to any unscrupulous types out there…Please don’t steal my stuff.

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Time to quit the day job?

A huge thank you to the mystery buyer of a greeting card of “Reserved?” / Not time to quit the day job just yet! / Thanks for making my day!
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