Does it exist?

Have you ever experienced it?

Maybe you did, but have forgotten, or when you remembered you added well-intentioned something because you are not sure?

Today I have decided to write something down, something that happened two days ago…

I have a 3 years old daughter… and she spends most of the time with me… But latterly she goes to the kindergarten…

I brought her there in the morning and happy about my free time I returned home to work on my photos, what I didn’t do for months…

Since there is so cold and autumnally I have chosen this older picture to make me a little “warm”…

But I was very unhappy about the brown grass leaves behind (at my original photo)… They have totally destroyed the harmony of this picture. So what I have done? I used some filters and made the brown to blue… used some layers and layer effects in Photoshop and have created a harmonic green picture, which you see above… Some hours just melted away… I didn’t even feel it… But the result was very nice.

So I went very happy to pick up my daughter from the kindergarten… and from the door she shouted to me very impatiently, that she has watercolor-painted (she learned a new word today) a picture for me…

She showed me this:

I asked her “What is this on the picture”…

She answered: “I was painting all the morning and my governess wanted me to make sport with all the children (which she usually LOVES!), but I didn’t have time today mummy, because I had to paint this picture for you… all the morning…"

“Thank you darling, but what is it on this picture?” I asked again…

And although children usually know very well what they paint, she answered me: “It’s for you mummy, but I don’t know what it is…”

I just smiled and said…

“But I know”…………………….. :)

Here for the German readers again…


  • Barry Norton
    Barry Nortonover 5 years ago

    Yes it is a form of Telepathy, you and your daughter are so close in your minds it is easy for her and should be for you too. Years ago my wife and I used to communicate like this over distances exceeding 3,000 miles on a regular basis

  • this is great!

    please write something about it… I would love to read it!!!!!!!!

    a lot of greetings… :)

    – Nuh Sarche

  • Anita Inverarity
    Anita Inverarityover 5 years ago

    Wow- I think it does definately happen Nuh x

  • me too…..

    thank you for looking in… :)

    – Nuh Sarche

  • ienemien
    ienemienover 5 years ago

    WOOOOOW this is amazing…. Wonderful to share it with us. Yes… the "line"between you and your daughter is beautiful. I have once a hypnotic session. In my therapie I see a wonderful garden and a beautiful Lady, it was my safe garden to relax. Later that day I go to a shop… I see there a little address book and the illustration was exact as my Safe Garden and the Lady… I buy it and its still a remember for me… I have a safe garden and I am safe…. Bye….Ien

  • this is wonderful!!!

    and it’s great that you have it now as well as a memory and a “real” picture…. :)

    – Nuh Sarche

  • SaRaHKnOwDoG
    SaRaHKnOwDoGover 5 years ago

    VERY COOL ! And our society try’s to wash this stuff out of us ?? Yes! i have had some strange and undeniable experiences. Kids and DoGs are good at this stuff
    : ]
    I don’t believe, i KNOW.
    X’s to you and yr family : ]

  • thank you so much for your great statement!

    and thank you for your greetings (and for the Fav too)……….. :)

    – Nuh Sarche

  • Gregory John O'Flaherty
    Gregory John O...over 5 years ago


  • thank you very much Gregory… :)

    greetings from Berlin

    – Nuh Sarche

  • ©Maria Medeiros
    ©Maria Medeirosover 5 years ago

    Magical! :D Lovely and thank you for sharing such a beautiful story! :D

  • thank you so much Maria for looking in and your FAV… :)

    it means a lot to me….. :))

    greetings to you and your family too!

    – Nuh Sarche

  • SaRaHKnOwDoG
    SaRaHKnOwDoGover 5 years ago

    Yours is a great story and i just had to have it in my favs so i can go back to it when i have doubt. Doubt that humans are not wonderful and beautiful beings, Doubt that know one understands, doubt myself, doubt in the things i know and have learnt from, doubt that we will evolve into a better race.
    So thank you.

  • this is wonderful………………….


    and by the way…. the name of my daughter is also Sarah…………… ;)

    a lot of greetings!

    – Nuh Sarche

  • SaRaHKnOwDoG
    SaRaHKnOwDoGover 5 years ago

    Sorry, just had to add. Doubt what i know : ]

  • and I had to add too….

    it is very beautiful what you have written….. it really touches me……….

    – Nuh Sarche

  • Caterpillar
    Caterpillarover 5 years ago

    Niesamowite…. Po prostu aż ciarki przechodzą, normalna telepatia…. Albo jeszcze coś innego, nawet nie wiem, co… WOW!!

  • to jest fakt, i zdarzylo sie naprawde………

    pewnie sie czesciej zdarza, ale jak sie nie zapisze, to sie zapomina…….. dlatego zakonserwowalam….. ;)

    bardzo sie ciesze, ze przeczytalas…. :))

    ostatnio czytalam zurnal jednego redbubblwerowca o duchach i bardzo mi sie podobal… wiec pomyslalam, ze tez tutaj napisze jak sie cos zdarzy……….

    calusy…….. :)

    – Nuh Sarche

  • Caterpillar
    Caterpillarover 5 years ago

    O duchach? Ale prawdziwe historie? Twoja przygoda jest naprawdę niezwykła, naprawdę mialam ciarki, jak czytałam…

  • a o duchach prosze tutaj, dalsza czesc tutaj

    a pisal bardzo fajny gosciu…

    – Nuh Sarche