My three passions are God, the Environment and Creativity. They are all my muses and I live to use each one of them to give back to the other two, thus creating a harmonious triangle of passionate muses. I don’t do much art, I write, but after having discovered this site, I may have to delve into that spring as well.

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so redbubble has become a bit of my sanctuary. Here I can post things that I know no one in my closest circle will probably read. Which is a good thing. Because I have to get this out and I don’t even have the energy or will to turn this into poetry, because it would seem fruitless. / But there is a man, and I would call him man, not boy, except when it comes to him and his choice of…
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Need to read some rumi or dickenson or something! AHH

Official death toll in Iraq - / 30,680 (official) and over 100,000 (estimated) according to / According to – 186,736 at least / 88,254- 96,341 according to Iraq Body Count / There’s more out there I know, but really, been there over five years now, big surge and everything and the total ESTIMATED body count is at most 200.000 / That’s one of the LO…
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Honey I'm home!

Hey everybody. I’ve missed being on here. WAY too much has been going on, and is still going on. But definitely tomorrow I’ll be back on here full swing. Just wanted to let you guys know I’ve missed you and I can’t wait to get caught up on all your work! / Love you guys, / -Steph
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If there's some environmentally conscious folks out there, please read and call!

Because we are putting all this creative effort into our planet to raise awareness, I thought I’d pass along this information about a call-in day. I know it’s really late, I completely forgot about it until a few minutes ago, but it will only take a few minutes. Today is the day to call your Georgia state legislature and ask them not to bring any more coal into Georgia. / the number…
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In over sized t-shirt and ripped up jeans, / Reading a novel, / He wraps his cushioned arms around me and reads over my shoulder silently.

Just Foolish Enough

When she got just far enough away / To think that the flowers were fairies / And she was just young enough to know they were dancing

Day 2

Real VS. True / I’m sure my mom spoke many a beautiful word, / I just remember the moments filled with many words I can never remembe…

My First

I have got to tell you about my first time, / It was perfect. / The night was cold, but our friction was fierce. / But wait, back up, / Bec…

Just because…

If your hand reaches for your Dickenson / Know that your ending will be written by Edgar Allen Poe and it will not be so happy.

Ancient History

Make my love so blind / That I have to run my fingers over you to read you / And find that I’m still illiterate.

For You

But now I am an individual walking towards your shadow with one of my own

New Mexico

As Roswell calls us over / In the longest game ever of Red Rover red rover / Send us right over the Louisiana Bayous / Let us tickle the s…

Gods (Extended) Porn Show

Please taste of the grape / Not their unplucked cherries / Drink from the stream / Not their screams / Bath in the sunlight / Not your swea…

On Why I Don’t Write Love Poems

That “love your neighbor as thyself bit?” / Trust me God, / When I say, You don’t want that.

Little Big Bro

Know how glad that the day, / When what I thought I was above, stood above me, / My knight that rode in shared my DNA.


Now, whatever context it was meant for, I’ll never know what for, I just know that my syntax could have been a little more tactful.
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