Sony Alpha A65 with 18 – 70 and 75 – 300mm (kit) lenses.
Point and shoot: 3MP Sony Cybershot, old but trusty.

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My First Sale (well, first to someone who isn't me)

I know there is a fair amount of “look at me I sold something” that goes on and fills up bubbleland journals, but I’ve always maintained that it was fair enough to do it the very first time you sell something. I’ve pined for the day when I too could stand on my very small stage and shout to the vast tracts of bubbleland – “Hey there, look at me, I did it!̶…
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BubbleCalendar Review

In the beginning were BubbleGods and the BubbleGods did rule the BubbleLand with a velvet hand. They did go forth unto their Peoples and they did say unto them “Here ye. Here ye.” And the Peoples did listen with deaf ears and across the Kingdom, nothing was heard but the sound of crickets (and not the good Paul Vanzella, Jo O’Brien type of crickets either). So the BubbleGods did…
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Wanna create a really BIG image?

Although we all love the images we can get through the bubble, if you are looking for something that will create (and let you print) a REALLY REALLY REALLY big image, then this might foot the bill – it’s a free (really free – not shareware, not spyware, malware or any other type of nasty-ware) tool called the rasterbator. / I’ve tried it on a few things, and the results ar…
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