I’m a 22 year-old girl from Amsterdam. I fell in love with photography at age thirteen. Almost everything I know about photography is self-taught, and I never stop learning.
My work is very personal, partly because the majority of it consists of self portraits.

I want to capture emotions, I want to tell stories. I want you to either want to be in the moment of photo, or for you to recognize the feeling of the captured moment. I want to make normal things look pretty. I want daily things to touch you.
Most importantly, I want to make you feel when you’re looking through my work.

  • Age: 23
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For some reason, I never thought of uploading works and only make them available as cards, so each photo would have to work for both cards and prints. But suddenly the idea just popped into my head today, and this means I will upload quite a bunch more photos which will be postcard/greeting card only! I’m pretty excited about this, because I’ve seen RedBubble cards before, and the qua…
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Thank you

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone viewing and commenting on my work. I really appreciate it! And the fact that I even sell something from time to time is just so amazing, it’s a dream come true to make money off photography and it helps me save up for new equipment and journeys on which I can take more photos. / Thank you so so much ♥
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