I’m a designer who has a love for all things fantasy and fiction. I’m rather obsessed with Harry Potter (to say the least) and I love Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Back to the future and a load of other great film series.
I am also a huge fan of Sherlock, Merlin and Doctor Who which I believe are some of the best TV series of all time.
Hopefully my enthusiasm and passion for these films and TV series will reflect in my designs!

  • Age: 21
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Demons Run - NEW & Improved!

Looking through my old work, I thought maybe I should see if I could improve any of it. Upon looking at my ‘Demons Run’ design I was immediately VERY embarrassed at how bad it was, though remembering at the time I was still not very happy with the shoddy eye sore excuse for a graphic. I immediately began re-designing it earlier today and although it is not finished yet and I have only…
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Choose Wisely! A realty once more!

Due to popular demand I have once again released the Choose Wisely t-shirt with one small change, the removal of the lightsaber because copyright claims were what took the old design down in the first place. / I have replaced the lightsaber with Katniss Everdeen’s Bow from The Hunger Games trilogy, in hope that this will be a popular replacement :) / Thank you all for for your continued sup…
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Choose Wisely! Removed from the Website

I regret to announce that my popular design “Choose Wisely!” Has been removed from Redbubble due to a complaint from Lucasfilm Ltd themselves due to the depiction of a lightsaber. / There is no way this is coming back so to all those who bought one, THANK YOU for buying whilst it lasted, and I hope you enjoy the shirt you now own, which is very limited edition at only 783 ever sold :…
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Choose wisely! Now available as an IPhone case!

Added the ability to buy “Choose wisely!” As an Iphone case. :) Enjoy!
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